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Hey, what’s going on? Guys welcome to Mike’s garage. So today I’m going to do a little review post of this rigid. This is the maximize your vac. There’s a little bit of glare on there maximizing your vac vacuum cleaner kit, which can be considered the best car vacuum for you. It’s like an auto detailing kit pretty cool seven pieces and it’s not like a nice hose in there.

Overview about Ridgid WD1450 14-Gallon 6-Horsepower Wet/Dry Vacuum

So that’s kind of what I wanted to upgrade. So I’ll kind of show you what’s in this? I just got that an at Home Depot and also I just picked up this little other auto detailing kit. It’s like some small little stuff. So you can like get into Vince and you may have seen like my little bumblebee project kind of like little hose adapter thing. I made quite a while ago with some microfiber towels.

I’ll tell you: I like to put a link above paragraph. So you guys can check that out kind of a weird thing I did. But it turned out pretty good and it worked out pretty well to not scratch up any and the interior pieces, but these have like some brushes on them too. So that’s pretty cool so anyways.

Let’s go over to the table and open this stuff up alright here. It is guys so this is the Maximizer vac auto detailing kit. We’re going to just open this up real quick Benchmade grip, Gillian rip. This open alright what have we got in here cool. So I’ve had one of these before and it broke. We’ll see if that happens again it. I mean it’s really nice because of it like has a handle on it.

But like right here this cracked. Because it’s not very flexible or anything like that. We’ll just kind of take the stuff off here. But I don’t really know who makes like a better one. If you know all the better made one. Please let me know but really I just bought this for this. This hose right here so kind of rip this off real quick cool and as you can see well it did have it on there said made in China.

That’s probably why I broke? But this is where it kind of like. It was bending and it’s snapped last time but hopefully, that doesn’t happen maybe that was just a dud one that. I had before here is a nice long extension to get down in between the seats is flexible. That’s pretty cool so you can get like down there in between the seats. It’s also rubberized. It’s got the nice little grip on it what else we got little brush.

This is a nice looking brush. I don’t know use it for a carpet or something like that one more. This one has like a little bit tougher of a grit. This one’s a softer so you could probably like use this on carpet or whatnot you know just to kind of like comb it up and get a junk out of there. That will probably work pretty well this looks like a little coupling adapter to go from two one O’s to another hose.

Pros of Ridgid WD1450 14-Gallon 6-Horsepower Wet/Dry Vacuum

This is the main reason I bought this thing so you can see this octopus of cord of hose right here that box away. This is the main reason so these are really nice. Because it looks like this can go on here and you have like the little connection. So this has an adapter here not quite sure why it needs that. Because this hose already has this little adapter thingy but that doesn’t really work that well.

So I don’t know what that’s for why do I need that? I don’t know. I’m not sure why I need that anyway? So this has the little NP so goes on there nice and easy and this twist. That’s really cool. So you get a little bit of rotation. But what I liked about this is? It’s going to be easier to like get in the car and this has like I don’t know? It’s more bhindi more flexible and it’s like a 10-foot hose.

So it should work out really well and then for this other little kit. This one was kind of cool just I thought it was pretty rad open. This one up suits see what’s all in here. So you have like a bunch a little stuff let me zoom in here a little bit all right. So you got like this is going to taper down to the smaller size. So you can put that on there that can do this. I know sometimes people like the blow out their cars too, which is not a bad not a bad idea either.

But it looks like these you can kind of dislike start building some little contraption boom boom still going check that out looks at that thing. I don’t know why? I needed that long but well I mean I guess. I could see it could be some use for it get all up in there and kind of twist it all sideways and whatnot pretty cool. But it’s not like these nice little brushes. So I should be able to use those on like air vents and whatnot like I said and then it has this like super skinny little guy.

So like you can get in those tight little crevices and vacuum some stuff up. So anyway, guys, I’m gonna go out to the car and use this stuff alright guys. So look how long this freaking the hose is? Now I’m in Shu look at that. That’s pretty freaking long. So I should be able to vacuum like my whole car without even moving the vacuum cleaners. That’s going to be really nice.

So let’s get down to its start vacuuming this thing out cuz as you guys can see look at how dirty that is? You got to love the wintertime gotta love it. I’m gonna clean this thing out and get it all nice and shiny alright guys. So sorry if it’s super loud in here but this is my favorite tool so far. It’s just like the coarse brush. But it works great on like carpet and whatnot you can see. I mean maybe you can see like these little crumbs right.

It gets in there and you’re able. I get them up out of the carpet which normally would take quite a while it just brushes them right up out of the carpet. So I mean: I get weird about doing this? I mean: I pretty much try to get everything out like. I mean: I try to get it like super clean to where you can’t see anything? I really like this one. I use this a little bit and that works really good on the Vince. So I’m liking that setup.

If you want to know more Ridgid WD1450 14-Gallon 6-Horsepower Wet/Dry Vacuum, you can watch the video below to reference:

That’s working pretty cool and overall. I’m bigging it so the vacuum is all the way over there all the way over here cleaning out the car. So it works out really good. So I would totally recommend that that little host kit. It works out awesome also this extended hose is really cool. Because it’s a lot thinner and I’m able to still like maneuver it through my car a lot easier so that works out really well.

But anyways guys hope you like a little review post. We’ll talk to you guys soon later and peace out go ahead grab a knife or like a machete why not right. Let’s just grab something big nice and sharp you know opening up the easy way rather.

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