My New Favourite: California Air 6310

Well hey, guys welcome back to my shop my name is Danny and today, I recently purchased so about a month ago. I decided to upgrade my air compressor for a number of reasons the main reason.

Because my compressor that I currently used was really loud the on/off switch was broken. It was missing a foot. This compressor was loud that I really couldn’t run it and a time frame of the shop that I usually in here. Because I got bedrooms above my workshop and when my twins on my boys are sleeping. I can’t use it. I went ahead and is I started searching online watching YouTube videos of a compressor.

A few things about California air 6310

That’s really quiet but I can keep in my shop without messing with my ears and have to wear ear protection or having to worry about running it in the hours. My boys are sleeping. So I came across good air compressor – this is a California air 6310 model now. This compressor is just awesome. Now I did buy this with my own money. I didn’t get this for free. If you’re wondering if my judgment on this our air compressor is based on weather.

I got the product for free or not well. I didn’t I actually paid around two hundred dollars for this air compressor on Amazon and they have different sizes and different models that. You can choose from but this is a model that works best in my shop. Because of the size mainly. I’m using this compressor just for my nail gun and blowing the dust off projects. I’m working on not really using it for using air Sanders or anything any air power tools or anything.

So this compressor is just perfect for me some of the features of this air compressor. It’s got an oil-free one horsepower motor which means I don’t have to worry about oiling this thing any time of its lifetime. I’m really happy with that because I don’t have to worry about oil levels and training oil and filling up the oil. It’s got a six-point three-gallon tank we just perfect for my projects when I use my nail gun within about an hour 2 hour period of time.

I’m in the shop this compressor probably recharges maybe once or twice which is really perfect. But it’s really quiet so it really doesn’t matter to me. It’s 120 psi maximum air pressure so if that’s something that you’re worried about for anything that. I do that’s more than enough I usually run around 90 psi and if I’m doing the casting. I adjust down at 60 anyway so really this compressor pressure rating is a lot more than.

I really am going to use it for the noise level is probably the best part of this air compressor and the main reason I actually spent the amount of money for a small air compressor like this. It’s only 60 decibels now a normal conversation. A human conversation is about 65 decibels so that kind of puts you in a sprint perspective. I don’t have a decibel meter. So I can’t really put it next to it and kind of show you what it runs like but I do have my old compressor.

Comparison between the old and new air compressor air compressor

I think if we turn on the old compressor and the new compressor even with my lapel mic. You get still kind of see the I hear the difference. Because I’m right next to them. So let’s go ahead and turn on my old compressor and then turn on the new compressor and you can kind of judge with the sound level. You have not gone so I’m just going to shut that off. Because it’s really loud and now we’re going to go ahead and turn on the new compressor which is rough.

That’s the same distance from me and to my microphone. So you should be able to compare it to the old my or to the old compressor that I have which is a standard pump to this ultra quiet air compressor from California air with this compressor. I can actually talk normally if I’m having a conversation with someone next to me and usually this compressor sits a lot further away from me so at most of the time.

I don’t even hear it. Because I have my dust collection going and I can actually run this compressor at midnight without anybody hearing. That’s sleeping upstairs, so I’m really happy with this compressor and I highly recommend it. So some additional features that this compressor does come with that. I was really happy with it does come with its own pressure regulator.

You can adjust the output pressure, the pressure regulator also has a built-in water separator that actually clicks moisture. So you don’t have to buy your own separate one. This is already included with it. It also has a quarter inch quick disconnect nipple that. You don’t have to pull the locking mechanism back to put it in your house. You can just snap it right into place and you’re good to go.

I mean it’s got all the regular it’s got the bleeder valve up top here the other thing. I was really excited about which I didn’t know until I actually got the air compressor is the bleed valve. That’s usually at the bottom of the tank my old compressor had a brass knob. I had to get pliers to loosen up and it always got stuck and my nut, my fingers were always get scraped up this one actually has a ball valve with a lever.

If you want to know more about California Air 6310, you can watch the video below to reference:

It’s really easy to empty it and I’m actually looking forward to emptying every night, unlike the other compressor. I left the air in it and it’s probably the main reason why it’s starting to malfunction on me? Because it’s probably getting corroded and water started collecting in it. So I’m really excited about this compressor well. I appreciate you reading. If you liked the post let me know by giving me a thumbs up comment down below. If you’ve got any additional questions about this compressor or anything in general feel free in the comments below. Goodbye!

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