Spearfishing – Should We Enjoy It?

Spearfishing is the new term for modern fishermen because of the latest technology trend. The fact is that spearfishing is a traditional way of catching fishes of our ancestors. The device developed from a hand kept spear to the best speargun.

Top benefits of spearfishing

Improve your self-control

This is one of the most important factors you will have when going spearfishing. Imagine that you meet some Mackerel.

You will be amazed or worried because you have no idea what should you do next. At that time, you should stay calm and think of what you need to do. When calming down, you will determine to catch these fishes or not.

When you are able to control your emotion, you may recognize possible dangers and other unexpected things. Then, you can think of a solution or something like that.

Well, this is a popular scenario for those who have the first spearfishing time.

Enhance body language

Body language plays a key role in human’s communication. It is also true in the spearfishing because you cannot frequently talk under the water.

However, divers also might interact together through their body language. Thanks to this, they enable to make their own signals in every situation they have to deal with.

Relax…relax and relax!

It would be great to enjoy the spearfishing at weekends with your family and friends. The point here is finding the right spots to relish.

Please keep in mind some locals do not require spearfishing due to the protection laws. Some areas can be hunted but these probably have many dangers that you should not. Some are suitable!

Ask experienced persons or other people who know more about spearfishing and the popular places.

Attempt friendly fishing

Spearfishing does not require more equipment and gears which could be detrimental to the marine environment.

Additionally, it is safer than you use a huge net or dynamite to catch fishes. You enable to control the number of fishes you will fish.

In some states, you are allowed to catch more or less than 10 fishes, for example. This will help in to protect the ecosystem and their home condition.

Hunt more fresh fishes

Of course, you will get fresh fishes with the spearfishing category. You will also know fishes are coming from. Apart from fresh fishes, you enable to get more kinds of seafood like scallops and lobsters.

I am sure that you are not happy with frozen plates of seafood! It is so incredible when you enjoy the seafood in your boat directly (I mean you will eat after completing the hunting time).

Do more exercises

Why? Fishing does not require you have to move all the time. You just put the bait and your fishing rod into the water surface and keep sitting to wait. I cannot sit long hours to wait for non-sense things!

Fishes are not nice to come into your trap! You will get nothing at the end of the fishing day. Instead, the spearfishing needs to stay away from your chair and dive underwater to find some “big monsters”. By doing this, you have to swim and dive. This is a great form of doing exercise!

Some techniques to spear more fishes

It sounds simple that you just use a tool like a spear gun and catch your targets! However, your targets are not nice enough to wait for you for doing that. They will run and escape instantly when they see humans. So, you need to apply some techniques to get your best overcomes.

Go with the shallow water

For the first time of go spearfishing, never try deep water surface. Do you know why? Your body needs to take time to adopt a new activity like spearfishing.

Basically, there are many ways to perform shallow water spearfishing. It could be as simple as standing onshore and catching fishes with a sharpened stick. You enable to keep standing in the water, rocks, or even use a kayak.

Furthermore, different categories of fishing can show different behaviors that you should spend the time to realize over time. This is also the safest way to evade the risks of underwater diving.

Go with deep diving

Free-diving is another method of spearfishing which needs a breathing apparatus. To gain this technique, you should try to breathe deeply and modify your back as you are swimming in a pool.

Then, you enter the water head with your fins in the air to push your body towards the bottom. Thereafter, you gently slide through the water to know the ocean life and locate your targets.

Do not forget to bring a dive mask and a snorkel to use flexible situations. Wear a weight belt along with your wetsuit.

Avoid kicking your legs for momentum until you flooded into the water. Just make a slight movement to wake your prey up. Camouflage yourself from your prey when it is vital.

Bottom line

Spearfishing is a worthy outdoor that you should try at least one time in your life. You will like you are a hunter and a fisherman at the same time in this activity. Make sure you get the right skills, techniques, and tools to start.

Do You Consider Using Car Solar Battery Charger?

Solar power is not a rare product in our modern lives nowadays. Several people are trying to recharge batteries for using a motor, boat, RV, house, etc. and they even want to use car solar battery charger.

For you, do you take into account this on your car in this season? You enable to consider it because other users often see this is also the best battery charger detailed. However, you need to take time to have a better understanding of it in advance.

An overview of the car solar battery charger

A solar car battery charger transforms light energy into a DC current which it receives energy naturally. Though these solar batteries enable to be used in low light or cloud applications, they mostly take power from the sun.

For those who do not often drive or they have to travel all the time, portable solar chargers are crucial for trickle charging. In other words, low-level current is put to the battery continuously. Thus, it keeps it charging, but some designs could be used to recharge a car battery again fully.

Solar car chargers also have solar panels on the face. Everything you should do is simply put it near a window or on top of the car’s dashboard to soak up sunlight daily. In general, some solar car battery chargers straightly direct to the battery while others take power to the battery through the power socket or the cigarette lighter.

Car solar battery chargers are a partially affordable way because most models cost between $20 and $95 in order to improve the life of your car’s battery. They often depend on energy from the sun, you do not have to pay an extra price like conventional methods.

Used benefits of a car solar battery charger

It is quite simple to know the most practical benefits which solar battery chargers offer. These do not need to get external electrical sources to recharge your batteries. Solar battery chargers provide freedom of moving.

Users easily find the sun energy anywhere during the daytime. If you get lost in the deep forest and your cell phone does not work (for contacting 911 or your families and friends), you take the sun’s rays and make it wake up to run again. Of course, in case you use the car solar battery charger or even if you use the cell phone with solar energy too!

Furthermore, solar cells do not produce emissions, byproducts, and waste. These are hard to destroy in the environments. The photons in the solar energy generate a huge amount of electricity along with electron.

In fact, electricity is not a form of power, but it is an energy carrier. Creating it through the photoelectric is a good way of making an electrical charge.

When using a car solar battery to keep a charge probably supports your car battery will work when you need it. It is a friendly way to keep the environment clean and your vehicle is also safe at the same time.

How do your car solar battery chargers work?

Solar battery chargers work by transferring power from the sun to electricity which your battery is able to store. This is capable by a photovoltaic solar panel which is the similar standard technology you have seen in commercial and residential settings. Home solar power systems usually also use lead-acid batteries to keep energy for use at night or on rainy days.

The technology in the solar panel and the solar battery chargers are the same, the solar battery chargers are providing from 500 to 1,500mA. When you enable to tighten several chargers together, there is something dangerous if you do not take the familiar thing to the technology.

Could you charge solar car battery charger through the solar battery chargers?

General speaking, the amount of amperage which a solar battery charger takes out will rely on various criterions such as the build quality, your latitude, and the sunny condition in a local area.

Nonetheless, they particularly add somewhere between 500 and 1500 mA. You ought to seek solar chargers more with solar panels made for a lot of recreational vehicles. The cost is less expensive than other traditional power sources.

If you use trickle chargers, the solar battery chargers are similar. The general range in the trickle chargers regularly set up. There is not an issue if users use solar energy for charging their vehicles.

However, most of these chargers do not feature a voltage regulator or any approach to adjust or turn off charging. In other words, you cannot set and use it easily like you handle with a trickle charger with a built-in float monitoring.

In case you charge a dead battery, you should offer higher amperage and decrease it when the battery charges. Excellent chargers can do it naturally. Other chargers often have manual controls to allow you take a course rate to begin and complete without much hassle.


Solar energy is an alternative option to protect our lives and the environment in the long period of time. The key point here is how to apply it in the right place and at the proper time. If not, you will get stuff and feel a bit tired of using like losing in the dessert!

A Handy Guide: Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Your doctor says that you have the plantar fasciitis and you should find the right shoes to protect your feet (especially when you want to run or do exercise on a daily basis). But, what is the plantar fasciitis and which are good running shoes for plantar fasciitis?

What is the plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a negative condition caused by serious increases in each mileage, bad foot platform, and uncomfortable shoes. These probably overburden the plantar fascia, the combinative tissue which moves from your heel to the base of your toes. Hence, these make your heel feel pain.

Additionally, the plantar fascia looks like a series of rubber bands in the fat cells. However, this is a product of collagen which is a stiff protein and it is not really stretchable. The stress comes with overuse, overload, and break some tiny tears in its point. Heel pain and inflammation become the plantar fasciitis.

Recognize some causes of the plantar fasciitis

When you want to know the main reason for making the plantar fasciitis, you should find the certain caused point which is the cartilage foot. It will happen when you put more pressure on your calf muscles. Sometimes, you can so much cause the plantar fasciitis. Choosing the wrong shoes is also makes this condition.

Sometimes, another cause of the plantar fasciitis is the biomechanical flaws. For those who have flat feet, tight Achilles tendon, and high arches also have the plantar fasciitis. Some also have this annoyance because they get immoderate pronation, high increases in putting mileage, starting a speed-work level, wearing inappropriate running shoes, running on harsh surfaces as well.

Women love high heels probably have the plantar fasciitis.

Identify popular symptoms of the plantar fasciitis

All plantar fasciitis persons feel a strong stab or deep pain in the middle of their heel or along with the arch of their feet.

Another symptom of this is the morning hobble from their feet attempting to heal itself in an interchanged position overnight. Then, getting the first step makes sudden strain on the bottom of your feet, generating the heel pain and the arch ache.

Do not ignore this condition because the pain can reoccur after sitting within hours. After that, it can disappear when you are running as your feet areas are warmed again.

How to treat the plantar fasciitis

If you have plantar fasciitis, you will not want to forget the pain although it is not a comfortable feel. In case you have no idea about this state, you should know how to make the plantar fasciitis.

In fact, the plantar fascia links the arch between your feet and performs as a shock substance, pulling and narrowing to indemnify for any pressure level on your foot arch. Some suffers also get the pressure on their supportive ligaments, draw out, collapsing as well.

Whether they just go to a grocery shop or simply run will become a big nightmare for them. This condition is also a bad thing for those who love running, jogging or having a career in the sports industry.

If you were like them, do not worry about this because technology can help you and other suffers so much. You can use support sleeves or compression socks to put under your shoes. Also, you enable to purchase a pair of good running shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Benefits of selecting a pair of good running shoes for plantar fasciitis

With a pair of good running shoes, you will receive:

  •        Increase the arch support to protect your feet from harsh activity in each step;
  •        Absorb more shock condition to minimize some of the force of heel pressuring

How to choose the right running shoes

Before selecting the true running shoes for you, you should know what you want to do in your shoes, how you run on the surface, what type of grounds you will run, and your style about buying a pair of running shoes.

In case you want to run in many hours or long roads, you need to take the shoes with high- arch support, shock absorption, comfortable cushioning.  How about the number of shoes you will need to use? It surely depends on your requirements about the times you run. Do not miss out your budget as this is also an essential criterion to think of in advance.

Should you continue to run when you have plantar fasciitis?

Most experts’ recommend that suffers should not run when they have plantar fasciitis. And you should do so with consulting your doctor the exact treatment first. They also let you know that the time you can run with the right pair of shoes. If you do not follow them, you will have an operation. This is a serious point to pay attention.

Moreover, when you are running and feel uncomfortable like the plantar fasciitis condition, you should stop running immediately. Do not try to run more miles! Then, you need to relax in a short time. After that, you should go to the hospital and doctors will check this condition for you.


Manufacturers always make new shoes for those who have to suffer plantar fasciitis, so you do not worry about the number of shoes. Instead, you should consider something that influences on your choice and having a deep understanding of plantar fasciitis.

Top Benefits and Downsides of Owning Best above Ground Pool

You want to invest in a swimming pool for your family pretty much. You find out that there are two main types of private pools that every household can set up which are the in-ground pool and above ground one. Most people prefer the above ground pool because they can save lots of bucks on their wallet. Thus, would you like understand more about above ground pool? Then, you should figure out the benefits and downsides to find out the best above ground pool in advance.

An overview of an above ground pool

Above ground pools are the best choices for everyone to make a swimming pool at home. You can establish the pool in the backyard in a short-term time and you can sometimes move it easily.

They are used in diverse weathers no matter the climate is cold or hot because you enable to use additional accessories. It is said that above ground pools are less expensive than in-ground pools and these are simple to maintain. It is not difficult to install these pools for the first time even if you are an amateur.

Kinds of above ground pools

In general, all above ground pools are made from various materials such as vinyl, metal, aluminum. Some brands also generate resin layer in the innermost wall because it supports the increase of the pool for a while. In addition, most people surprise that above ground pools often have a classic circle and rectangle design on the market.

Advantages of using above ground pools

  •    You can move the pool whenever you want to
  •    You enable to save much money than buying an in-ground pool
  •    You do not have to maintain the pool all the time
  •    You ought to also enjoy the pool in the cold season

Negative points when choosing ground pools

  •    These have a short lifespan (from 10 to 25 years)
  •    You do not have more design options to select shape, size, model, etc.
  •    These cannot boost the value of your home

About in-ground pools

In fact, most in-ground pools are installed underneath the ground with three certain categories. They are vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete. When the pool is put, these pools are endurable for a while.

It is said that in-ground pools are considered in the warm conditions by most homeowners. However, the above ground pool and the in-ground pool can use in the harsh climate freely.

In-ground pool could become a great piece of furniture to your home and build an incredible valuation for a household.

In-ground pool categories

Vinyl Pools

When you hear vinyl pool, you probably recognize it is an in-ground pool with a vinyl liner. The liner pulls out across the inner surface of the pool like general wallpaper.

Fortunately, the install cost for vinyl pools are hefty, but the maintenance is higher than other in-ground pools. The liners always need to change a few times during the pool’s lifespan. The shape of this category still stabilizes with circular shapes, custom designs, or the classic rectangular.

Concrete Pools

With concrete pools, you enable to customize the shape or size you want to. Furthermore, you ought to design other sides of the pools such as nook, curve, waterfall, etc. So, most concrete pools are made from scratch.

Fiberglass Pools

There is one attractive thing I like fiberglass pools so much: you can order the pool in a shop first and they will ship to your home for installation. These are made from a solid mold in advance.

When clients need to install, the team can begin their task such as dig the hole, make the plumbing, drops some pieces to the pool. They do not have to take the layer or build a structure first. The pool is also very sturdy and durable when using a long period of time as it is hard to break the fiberglass material.

A short comparison between an in-ground pool and an above ground pool

After knowing the good points and weak ones of above ground pools, you should have a general background about the in-ground pool. After that, you need to make a short comparison.

The time of usage

With an in-ground pool, you can use it at least a half-decade. However, it does not mean you ignore the maintenance task for your pool after inserting. For above ground pool, you cannot enjoy the pool more than 50 years even if you have a good maintenance process for it.

Maintenance story

In-ground pools

The type of pool can impact on the maintenance for the upcoming time. During the task, you enable to remove all debris and dirt in the pool by using the ideal tool. You also need to take some accessories to stay clean and balance the pool water with filters, pumps, etc.

Above ground pools

Luckily, the maintenance job of the above ground pools is easier than most in-ground pools because these pools are smaller and you do not have complex accessories. You need to prepare vacuum, and run the filter to clean the water only.


The truth is that when you have identified the benefits and the downsides of using above ground pool, you enable to choose the right one for your family as a piece of cake. Compare some factors with the in-ground pool can make you feel comfortable in this task.

How to Maintain a Portable CD player accurately

Portable CD players are pretty great things which can go along with you to enjoy your loved songs.

However, these do not always mean that they are a good device because it also gives a perfect opportunity for your portable CD player to get dust and other debris.

Also, some elements may get old due to the period of time. Fortunately, you can clean and maintain your players easily if you know what to do.

Today, I am going to share with you how to clean and maintain a portable CD player even if you invest in the best portable CD players.

How to clean a portable CD player

Clean and knock

Start cleaning your portable CD player by drying the exterior casing of any dust and debris which is probably on it. After you have undertaken it, flip the player upside down and knock it slowly in order to remove all dirt which can have gotten in the device.

Vacuum your machine

In a long period of time, dirt enables to have in a portable CD player. The easiest ways to get rid of the dust and dirt out of the inside of these gadgets is to take a portable vacuum cleaner.

Nonetheless, you should not use a big machine which can soak in a bowling ball! In this case, you need to have a small tool with other tremendous items.

Be sure to check the machine which has a plastic brush or something like that because you enable to put the end point of the nozzle to protect the CD player.

Moreover, you should take off any battery, battery cover, and accessory to prevent the threat of damaging anything.

Use a compressed air

When you have done vacuuming the CD player, this is the time to use a small compressed air. You should pay attention to the process of using this tool because it can jam the air nozzle into the player and remove anything in the can as well.

The pressurized air in the can is cold and you can damage the delicate electronics if you are careless. Instead, you ought to use shots of air which are light, fast, and handled to support you clean the CD player.

When you are spraying the air, be sure that you are keeping the can between 6 and 10 inches so that you do not leave any film everything. At that time, you can get enough pressure to wipe off everything that you want to.

Dry the player and complete the process

After you have used a compressed air machine, you should wait for about 10 minutes to help the player balances again. It makes the CD player return the room temperature and prepares another cleaning which you have to do.

Before you recollect all elements in your CD player, you should spend the time to remove the exterior again and use an electronic cleaning wipe or a washcloth. These will clean off any remaining dust and debris.

How to maintain your portable CD player

With batteries

  • When the batteries empty its energy, never throw them into fire.
  • Avoid bring the batteries with coins or other metallic objects because it may have heat if the positive and negative points of the battery are contacted by a metallic object randomly.
  • Do not put new batteries and old ones in the same place.
  • Always use the right batteries for your portable CD player only as the wrong ones can get dangerous for the machine and get burned.
  • When you do not use your portable CD player for a long period of time, please keep in mind that you need to get all batteries out of the gadget.
  • If you see the leakage in the batteries, you should remove old batteries and wipe off any debris in the battery area and use new ones.

With the CD player

  • In all CD players, these always have lens on them. You should keep these clean on a regular basis. Additionally, you should not touch the lens because it will prevent the operating process to your player.
  • Do not place any big and heavy object on the top of the player.
  • Avoid put the player in a place near heat sources or sunlight area.
  • Do not take your player in other harsh conditions such as rain, mechanical shock, dust, sand, moisture, etc.
  • Even if you could not leave the CD player in a car with opened windows as the sunlight and other bad elements can damage the machine easily.

With other power sources

In case you do not use the CD player for a long time, you should disconnect all power sources and turn off the device. Then, you should put these in a safe storage which does not have any damaged objects.

With the headphones

  • Never use your headphones at high volume because it can demolish your eardrums for a long period of time.
  • If you see the plugs become dirty, then should clean them with a soft cloth and begin the cleaning process gently.
  • Switch the volume at a moderate level when walking, cycling or playing because it will help you to hear outside sounds and evade unexpected things.


Cleaning and maintaining your portable CD players are not daunting tasks at all. Everyone can do all these tips without making messy issues. Also, they enable to save lots of bucks on their budget for a while.

Choose the Best Ukulele Brands

When you know how to select a ukulele, you need to consider best ukulele brands. The good news is you will have an opportunity to select the brand from the current market at any time. However, the bad news is that some brands are not excellent quality at all.

For this reason, I am here to help you to choose the right brand. I know that you do not want to take a cheap product with a poorly made instrument which will be impossible to play. It is a night mare to select an instrument that begins to fall apart in your hands after playing for a short month. Let’s see the brands right now!

Which are the best ukulele brands?

As mentioned earlier, there are many brands to choose from such as Kala, Mahalo, Magic Fluke, Pono, Lanikai, Martin, Kanilea. Various products make these as a top-notch quality product without a price tag.

In case you want to spend a little additional fee for a tremendous instrument, I still drop you covered as well

Some most well-made brands that you can consider

Kala Ukulele

Kala is always on the top quality in the list of the best ukulele brand these days. Unlike other companies, Kala often stays focused on their quality first and most of the time they produce the instrument.

For new starters, Kala gives the Waterman and the Makala line as well. The Waterman is looking like a traveling mans Uke which is designed to be endurable and water-resistant as well. And the Makala line is a tremendous sounding instrument for all beginners.

Additionally, Kala makes a unique instrument in the Solid body U-bass. All qualities of a bass incorporated with the size of a Ukulele for a special instrument with a fun ukulele.

In the Elite line, it is made with the top-notch quality standards and it is also shipped in a slick black alligator hard case. These instruments are tailored with conventional Hawaiian Koa and both these are beautiful with amazing sound as well.

In a nutshell, Kala is a reputable ukulele brand for design and quality as well. You will love this instrument brand so much. Do forget to check the price in advance.

Luna Ukulele

Luna is also an artistic musical instrument that you will surprise. All of these offerings have some high-quality design on the top to take them are perfect with great sound.

Luna is also the best choice for entry level and for those who are practicing on their track. These also provide fabulous sounding with special looking and affordable price at all.

Magic Fluke and Flea Ukulele

Magic Fluke Ukulele was launched in 1999 with the goal of making an incredible sounding, reasonable price and authentic product (it is made from the US).

Additionally, the first product was produced in 1999. This brand has some line products like the Flea which was made in 2003. Both designs have been common from the starting point.

Fluke and Flea had conventional and modern which take on the standard shape and construction at once. The shape is perfect while the construction has a little mater.

Both of them often use a great combination of a sturdy wood in the soundboard with a thermoplastic body as well. This makes a bright, full sounding Ukulele which is more endurable than a basic wood model. Of course, it has a super sound than a cheap plastic model.

Lanikai Ukulele

Lanikai Ukulele is a quite new brand that has a decent quality. They have all types of ukuleles for all players whether the player is a novice or a guru.

It sounds great, is it? If you are a new starter, you can access the LU series. In case you are an experienced player, the Legacy and the Makau series is the right target for you.

Please carry in mind that all Lanikai products do not contain a full selection of sizes for you to choose from.

It is said that Lanikai is a well-made brand with an innovate product on the current market. Absolutely, the innovation begins somewhere in the basic point while the Kula models have a 3 band EQ.

If you want to get a ukulele which is a bit cutting edge, then you could select the UkeSB series which has a USB output at the end point of the instrument. This allows you to record yourself easily while playing.

How about the TunaUke? It supports you to play an unlimited amount of customization with unique nuts and movable saddles as well.


As you know, there are bunches of Ukulele manufactures on the market these days. If you want to stick one of five brands mentioned above, you will own an excellent quality of the musical instrument.

In my opinion, Kala and Luna are perfect choices for your first ukulele because they have many options for the high-end models. Also, Lanikai and Fluke are incredible instruments in the middle level, and Martin is the average quality in the top musical instrument. What are you waiting for choosing your love brand?

My New Favourite: California Air 6310

Well hey, guys welcome back to my shop my name is Danny and today, I recently purchased so about a month ago. I decided to upgrade my air compressor for a number of reasons the main reason.

Because my compressor that I currently used was really loud the on/off switch was broken. It was missing a foot. This compressor was loud that I really couldn’t run it and a time frame of the shop that I usually in here. Because I got bedrooms above my workshop and when my twins on my boys are sleeping. I can’t use it. I went ahead and is I started searching online watching YouTube videos of a compressor.

A few things about California air 6310

That’s really quiet but I can keep in my shop without messing with my ears and have to wear ear protection or having to worry about running it in the hours. My boys are sleeping. So I came across good air compressor – this is a California air 6310 model now. This compressor is just awesome. Now I did buy this with my own money. I didn’t get this for free. If you’re wondering if my judgment on this our air compressor is based on weather.

I got the product for free or not well. I didn’t I actually paid around two hundred dollars for this air compressor on Amazon and they have different sizes and different models that. You can choose from but this is a model that works best in my shop. Because of the size mainly. I’m using this compressor just for my nail gun and blowing the dust off projects. I’m working on not really using it for using air Sanders or anything any air power tools or anything.

So this compressor is just perfect for me some of the features of this air compressor. It’s got an oil-free one horsepower motor which means I don’t have to worry about oiling this thing any time of its lifetime. I’m really happy with that because I don’t have to worry about oil levels and training oil and filling up the oil. It’s got a six-point three-gallon tank we just perfect for my projects when I use my nail gun within about an hour 2 hour period of time.

I’m in the shop this compressor probably recharges maybe once or twice which is really perfect. But it’s really quiet so it really doesn’t matter to me. It’s 120 psi maximum air pressure so if that’s something that you’re worried about for anything that. I do that’s more than enough I usually run around 90 psi and if I’m doing the casting. I adjust down at 60 anyway so really this compressor pressure rating is a lot more than.

I really am going to use it for the noise level is probably the best part of this air compressor and the main reason I actually spent the amount of money for a small air compressor like this. It’s only 60 decibels now a normal conversation. A human conversation is about 65 decibels so that kind of puts you in a sprint perspective. I don’t have a decibel meter. So I can’t really put it next to it and kind of show you what it runs like but I do have my old compressor.

Comparison between the old and new air compressor air compressor

I think if we turn on the old compressor and the new compressor even with my lapel mic. You get still kind of see the I hear the difference. Because I’m right next to them. So let’s go ahead and turn on my old compressor and then turn on the new compressor and you can kind of judge with the sound level. You have not gone so I’m just going to shut that off. Because it’s really loud and now we’re going to go ahead and turn on the new compressor which is rough.

That’s the same distance from me and to my microphone. So you should be able to compare it to the old my or to the old compressor that I have which is a standard pump to this ultra quiet air compressor from California air with this compressor. I can actually talk normally if I’m having a conversation with someone next to me and usually this compressor sits a lot further away from me so at most of the time.

I don’t even hear it. Because I have my dust collection going and I can actually run this compressor at midnight without anybody hearing. That’s sleeping upstairs, so I’m really happy with this compressor and I highly recommend it. So some additional features that this compressor does come with that. I was really happy with it does come with its own pressure regulator.

You can adjust the output pressure, the pressure regulator also has a built-in water separator that actually clicks moisture. So you don’t have to buy your own separate one. This is already included with it. It also has a quarter inch quick disconnect nipple that. You don’t have to pull the locking mechanism back to put it in your house. You can just snap it right into place and you’re good to go.

I mean it’s got all the regular it’s got the bleeder valve up top here the other thing. I was really excited about which I didn’t know until I actually got the air compressor is the bleed valve. That’s usually at the bottom of the tank my old compressor had a brass knob. I had to get pliers to loosen up and it always got stuck and my nut, my fingers were always get scraped up this one actually has a ball valve with a lever.

If you want to know more about California Air 6310, you can watch the video below to reference:

It’s really easy to empty it and I’m actually looking forward to emptying every night, unlike the other compressor. I left the air in it and it’s probably the main reason why it’s starting to malfunction on me? Because it’s probably getting corroded and water started collecting in it. So I’m really excited about this compressor well. I appreciate you reading. If you liked the post let me know by giving me a thumbs up comment down below. If you’ve got any additional questions about this compressor or anything in general feel free in the comments below. Goodbye!

Guide Buy Work Boots: DANNER CRAFTER #6

Hello Everybody! It’s James, Today we’re talking about the Danner Crafter Six, which is considered the best work boots for men 2017.

My overview of DANNER CRAFTER 6

So if this is your first time seeing the Danner crafter well sit back and get ready Danner has incorporated all of the latest technologies into building these comfort flexible bouncy boots into the crafters series and most important what they did is? They’ve sent along probably one of the most amazing insoles. I have seen in a long time in a boot like this.

Let’s start on the outside. Let’s talk about the outside of the boot before we move to the inside now on the outside they used a beautiful new buck leather. That is a waterproof leather and it’s a really good-looking leather. It’s the kind of leather. That’s gonna look better with some bumps some bruises and some scars on it and it does come with danner dries waterproofing technology.

So the boot might be a little warm. If you’re wearing it in the desert but for anywhere else this is gonna be a wonderful summertime boot danner cuts out the back. So you can actually squat and turn and Bend with this boot and it’s not gonna dig into your Achilles and they used a very low-key small little piece of polypropylene webbing back there for the pool on laces and eyelids wonderful stuff as you would expect from Danner.

I mean do you think Dan would ever use cheap laces are cheap eyelets. They didn’t on the crafter and it shows you get for speed laces at the top and eight beautiful passes through D-ring type eyelets. That is really nice do you overall building in the craftsmanship of the boot Danner. So you know that their quality control is really high. So each pair is gonna look beautiful the sole is a nice durable salt that isn’t extremely heavy for being as durable as it is and something else.


That’s really nice that Danner didn’t skimp on were most of the time boots like this direct-attached. You know minimalist type work boot. What they miss out on is a 90-degree heel Danner incorporated? That 90-degree heel in there and you know what? That’s damn nice. Because that means that this can become a climber. You can climb ladders. You can work forklifts.

You can grab stock you can sit on a machine all day long and get in and out without a problem so as I untied this boot you’re right. I’m gonna talk about the insides because that’s what impresses me the most about the crafter and what that is this insult? This danner comfort system insole is something else and the most amazing thing about it is these perforations in these lines on the bottom.

You see the circles that are in there you see how all these little lines are in there you see the flex lines that are there so Danner knows that the boots gonna Bend like this so the added flex lines Danner. Your foots gonna get hot and sweaty so they added perforation holes Danner also created airflow channels so as you bend and flex and step and you force air and movement and energy inside the boot.

It’s gonna force some air around inside there and it’s attempting to keep your foot cooler and drier Danner also reinforces the arch and heel section. Which is phenomenal in an insult today most of the time. It’s just a big piece of foam that they throw in something but Danner took it one step further and added this really nice harder material. So that this heel cup mixed with the heel cup. That’s in the boot all of this together creates a really nice secure fit and those d-rings really get this boot nice.

When it comes to sizing and fitting the crafter. Because Danner has really put a lot of time into this boot. It’s pretty many apples for apples from every other comfort type boot. That’s out there a size 10 is gonna be a size 10 in the crafter. It isn’t like the other older models where you have last numbers and whatnot. These comfortable work boots are pretty much dead on for today’s sizing scale and I said comfort.

The boot is comfortable, bouncy, flexible. It’s got a lot of good energy return on a 12 to 15 day. So that’s the dinner craft. If you’ve warned a crafter please comment below. It’s a really new product and guides are asking a lot of questions about it. So it would really help out if and some people below commenting and just telling guys whether or not. It’s worth the money whether or not.

If you want to know more Danner Crafter 6, you watch the video below to reference:

It’s worth the time that you put into wearing a blue bloody mess. If you want to know more about the crafter or the other models and the crafter series that danner has stopped by my website. I’ll have a nice posting up there about the other models from the banner that is part of this whole line of crafter type boots. Please don’t forget to hit my share button below. It really helps out and if you should have any questions about this thinner or any banner boot. Please shoot me an email pick my brain see what I got to say about your next purchase until the next time. I’m James – the boot guy thanks a lot for reading.

Guide Buy: Best Dog Food In The World 2017

Hello Everybody! It’s Helen when you first get a new pooch. It may take time finding a brand and type that both your wallet and your pup love. It’s nice to have a place to start from that’s why we rounded up ten of our favorite dog food brands for you and your furry friend to try out.

We bought these dog foods for testing on Amazon from the official sellers and if you want to get the same experience that we did. We highly recommend that you buy from the same place – my website. If you liked this post remember to click share it.

Candid A Single Grain Protein Plus

Number ten: Candid A Single Grain Protein Plus. This is our favorite of the many awesome candidate food products. Why do we love it? Because it made in the USA all of the company’s products are made without corn wheat soy grain fractions or fillers and are all naturally preserved released in 2010 the nutritional focus of candidates single grain protein pluses to offer 29 percent total protein.

While restricting its foods grain sources to rice exclusively using a wholesome combination of both brown and white rice. Additionally, it offers five high-quality protein sources in the total beginning with fresh chicken as the first ingredient followed by chicken turkey lamb and fish meals

Evo Turkey and Chicken Meal Formula

Number nine: Evo Turkey and Chicken Meal Formula. Evo dog food is grain free and hits the spot with the three major areas of importance. It’s fortified with minerals easily digestible and high in protein content. It’s also low in carbohydrates with a mix of ingredients that promote healthy skin and coats high in nutrients of energy dense. This food will help keep your pooch active plus. It’s amino acids and essential minerals will keep up strong muscles and bones intact.

Honest Kitchen Embark

Number eight: Honest Kitchen Embark. The Honest Kitchen product line includes seven dehydrated dog foods three of which got high marks on dog food advisor. Our favorite is embarked heat and insanely wholesome food for pups. Embark is a gluten-free dog food recipe made with cage-free Turkey as well as produce such as celery spinach and apples. It is a higher protein higher fat natural human grade dog food that works for all ages.

It’s obviously great for dogs who need a diet without gluten. But it is also good for those who need a low carbohydrate dog food and those who do better without beef or fish mixed with water and served.

Merrick Classic Beef Barley and Carrot

Number seven: Merrick Classic Beef Barley and Carrot. The Merrit classic product line includes seven dry dog foods and all are pretty great though the lam brown rice and apple combo did get a four-star rating this one both sweet potatoes. Which are a gluten-free source of complex carbohydrates and a naturally rich way to get dietary fiber and beta-carotene? It also has pork fat which may sound gross.

But it’s great for flavoring while being high in essential omega-6 fatty acids lastly it contains collected materials. Which are minerals that have been chemically attached to protein making them easier to absorb? If you want a quick way to see if a dog food is a high-grade check for this ingredient almost all super healthy above-the-line dog food will have it.

Natural Balanced Synergy

Number six: Natural Balanced Synergy is a good word right aside from the obvious good meat ingredients. This food has beet pulp for intestinal health and blood sugar benefits oatmeal naturally rich in B vitamins and dietary fiber flaxseed and brewers eve which repels leaves and supports the immune system. It’s topped off with salmon oil which is naturally rich in the EPA and DHA types of omega-3 fatty acids all in all super good stuff for pups.

Nature’s Variety instinct Duck meal and Turkey Meal


Number five: Nature’s Variety instinct Duck meal and Turkey Meal. The Nature’s Variety instinct product line includes five dry dog food and while all of them are great and five-star rated we especially love this formula lots of good protein from concentrate and a few interesting and great ingredients tapioca canola oil pumpkin seeds and alfalfa meal. We also love the use of inulin a starch-like compound made of repeating units of carbohydrates and typically sourced from chicory root.

It’s both a natural source of soluble dietary fiber and a prebiotic used to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in a dog’s digestive tract.


Number four: OriJen the origin product line includes six dried dog foods all of them pop-tastic. We love that it contains herring a fatty marine fish naturally high in protein as well as omega-3 fatty acids and essential oils these are things needed by every dog to sustain life. It’s got tons of great protein including eggs which are super easy to digest and have an exceptionally high biological value and personal favorite probiotics just like they do for us probiotics work to enhance a dog’s digestive and immune functions.

Solid Gold Barking at The Moon

Number three: Solid gold barking at the moon has been designed for performance dogs that of course doesn’t mean that your pups got to be training for the doggie Olympics to eat it and meets an ASCO nutrient profiles for adult maintenance. The first ingredient here is ocean which may sound disgusting but is actually awesome.

Because it’s considered a meat concentrate. That means it contains almost 300% more protein than fresh fish itself plus unlike most fish meal this one is a toxic Winfrey big up. If nothing else the name and bag design are truly glorious.

Taste of the Wild

Number two: Taste of the Wild and it is considered best dog food for English bulldogs. The taste of the wild product line includes seven dried dog foods. They’re all pretty great our topic is the taste of the wild high prairie formula which reached. It’s five-star rating on dog food advisor know not all of their products did there none were less than 3.5. The food has a protein-boosting effect through its P protein prize flaxseed as well as a potato protein and garbanzo beans. It’s grain free made with purified water and suitable for pups of all ages.

Wellness CORE

Number one: Wellness Core. The Wellness core product line includes seven dry dog food six which claim to meet an AF co nutrient profiles for adult maintenance. This above-average dry product as a dry matter protein reading of 38% a fat level of 13% and estimated carbohydrates of about 41%. What does this mean? The brand is way above average with protein near average with fat and below average, with carbs, we compared to a typical dry dog food as you might have guessed.

If you want to know more information best food dog 2017, you can watch the video below to reference:

These are all very good things plus tons of flaxseed YUM. We bought these dog foods for testing on Amazon from the official sellers and if you want to be the same experience that we did. We highly recommend that you choose the best food for dog 2017 in our list.

Top 3 Best 1911 45 ACP Handguns In The World 2017

Hey, what’s up guys chat here with Tony and welcome to this new post. So today we’re talking about the top three Best 1911 .45 ACP handguns. Now obviously this is a very highly debated thing. So there’s going to be a million other options. I’m sure you guys have a bunch of other great options leaves them down in the comments below. So that everyone can just have a huge list of what to go with but the three that. I’m going to mention I think are really solid options so before we get into that I do want to that.

We’re here at discount guns and ammo near Salt Lake City Utah and these guys just awesome man. They’re always super willing super knowledgeable and definitely make sure to show them some love there the link to the store is down in the paragraph below as well as a link to all the guns. We talked about today at their store. We’ll be down in there as well so check that out one last thing.

I wanna mention before we start is. You’ll notice I’m rocking that haha snow camo GLS shirt on the navy blue shirt. So if you guys are interested in that please check out GLS gear comm or just click on the card that pops up. It’ll be in one of those corners now take your GLS gear comm check out all our shirts all these. We got some good stuff. Let’s dive in top 3 best 45 ACP handguns.

Kimber 1911

Obviously, we’re talking about the 45 ACP. We have to include 1911 so that’s where this guy comes in this is the Kimber stainless 2 obviously. There are a budget ever manufacturers but I’m a very big fan of the Kimber’s. If you guys aren’t familiar with 1911. WWE has a whole video on that check that out otherwise. Let’s get into this guy so very smooth shooting at Kimber’s are well known for making high quality just great shooting reliable guns this specific 1911 is a stainless – as I’ve said Kimber has a bunch of different options colors and everything.

So if you’re interested in those check those out the reasons that I like this gun. So much there’s a couple of them so first off. It’s single stack so fits in your hand real nice. It’s very comfortable to hold generally speaking your magazines are going hold it seven rounds. You can get kind of extended once to hold eight up to acting they even make ten round ones that all.

You know come out a little bit so the seven is kind of your standard one quick tip about 1911 Timbers particularly. I have a lot of people having issues with jamming and stuff like that in their Kimber’s. If you’re the kind of the breaking phase and stuff. I say throw in a Wilson combat mag into your Kimber and it should alleviate a lot of your jamming problems. That’s one thing that I’ve noticed and it’s helped me a bunch so anyway seven round mag another thing.

I like a lot is that you’ve got a good grip safety. You’ve got kind of a beaver tail dovetail. I don’t know the differences. I think one goes down one goes up. I don’t know anyways yeah this little tail here is going to guard your thumb against you know the slide biting it anything. So they’re also axes that grip safety that has to be engaged for the trigger to pull. You’ve also got a manual safety.

You’re cocked. You can throw up this manual safety and you know that triggers not going anywhere if you drop that down here is where 1911 really excels. In my opinion, this is why I love them? So I love target shooting bullseye shooting stuff like that and the crispness of this trigger is what sells me 1911 is every time so as you guys can see it. I can pull up that slack and then boom very clean crisp pull.

You can also tune that trigger and exactly how you like? So that’s my favorite thing about the triggers Kimber’s always have fantastic triggers out of the factory in there, but like I said you can’t tune them just a little bit. If you need these have target sights. So they’ve blacked out target sights which help me when I’m trying to like you know target shooting and stuff. But it’s not a big deal to you know to take these out and put whatever kind of sites.

You want to throw in them the last thing is it’s still framed right I mean it’s a heavy gun. You’re shooting a 45 ACP, which is got a decent amount of recoil so a heavy frame is kind of important especially. If you’re trying to do really accurate shots. So this heavy frame is going to take up a lot of that recoil and keep the shooting very comfortable and the recoil very manageable heavy gun love it awesome trigger good safety features just a comfortable gun.

It’s a gun that you can be proud of man this thing has massive history behind it. It’s something you can show off to your friends and just be proud of so Kimber nights and 11:00 and discount guns and ammo the stainless too is running for eight hundred ninety-nine dollars. I said they have a bunch of different options that Kimber makes so make sure to check those out. If you’re interested but yeah that’s the Kimber.

Walther PPQ 45

Let’s move on so sick and on our list is something. I’m very excited about the Walther PPQ has been around for a very long time but not in 45 until just recently. So this is the Walther PPQ 45. I believe it was released in October of 2015 so brand new this thing is awesome. If you’ve ever shot a ppq, you know just how well they fit your hand how incredible the trigger feels and it’s just it’s a fan favorite man.

This gun is awesome and they’ve never had a 45 until now so I’m really excited to include this in this list the kind of the base things about it. It’s polymer frame. It’s striker-fired, so it’s the same pole every single time. You’ve just got white dots in your sights and then you’ve got a rail here for accessories. You’ve also got exchangeable interchangeable backstraps for different size hands.

So you know that’s kind of all the normal things I guess I should talk about Safety’s real quick on this gun. There’s no kind of external safeties the only thing. You’re dealing with here is a trigger safety. There’s a kind of a safety that pops out of the Miller trigger that just ensures. It’s really a finger wrapping around that trigger and pulling it. It’s not something that kind of made its way like a holster or something them kind of bent.

It’s way into your trigger guard and pulls the trigger or anything. It’s a really gonna be your finger. So the user is a should be with all guns the user is the safety. So just don’t put your finger on the trigger. Unless you want to fire this thing and your gold, but so a little bit more about the gun. You’ve got the magazine release here on the side. That’s one of the differences with the m2 here rather than a trigger guard magazine release.

It does seem like it’s interchangeable for a lefty. So you’ve also got a slide lock. I should mention it that is ambidextrous. So your slide lock releases on both sides. Your magazine holds 12 rounds a 45 ACP.  That’s a pretty decent sized magazine for 45 and then it also comes with two of them. When you buy the gun so cool option there. The two biggest things that everyone wants to talk about with the ppq is a how comfortable.

They are first of all so they the ergonomics of this gun are incredible. They fit your hand so well they’ve got these awesome finger grooves in the front of the grip. You know the back straps. You can tailor to your hand. There’s just something about the balance of it and it’s incredible. If you’ve ever shot like an HK p30. It’s very similar feeling to that and said, man, it’s hard to say go out to your range and try one.

If they’ve got it these things feel great last but certainly not least is the trigger. So the trigger on these guns for being a striker fired the gun is just flat-out incredible. It’s so smooth. It’s so crisp and it’s man. It’s awesome so as I said before you’ve got that little safety there pull that safety through then you’ve got kind of some slack once. You hit that wall though it’s very crisp.

It’s awesome and then even better than that is your reset. So you can just you feel you know exactly where it is? You can hear it. You can feel it and one of my favorite things to do with the ppq is done like the control pair you know really like boom boom and then up to a failure shot these guns excel at that just that double tap shot awesome gun trigger great ergonomics.

Walter is an obviously a great name six hundred and fifty-nine and ninety-nine. They’ve got that listed for at discount guns and ammo makes sure to check that out as with all prices are going to vary wildly depending on where you are what time of year. You’re watching this whenever is going on but expect. It’s kind of a ballpark price for this thing so third up on the list.

Springfield XD m/45

We’re talking about the Springfield XD m/45. This particular one has a four and a half inch barrel kind of their standard a full size 45 ACP model. It’s got a good feel. It’s a polymer frame. So it’s a little bit you know on the light side 445. But it feels good mag in there and it kind of help to balance things out. You’ve got a rail under here for accessories become stuck with just kind of your white sights there the back straps are interchangeable.

They come with a difference with a couple different ones. If you want to get if you have different sized hands whatever? You can really tailor this gun to your needs the magazine release is ambidextrous. You’ve got a mag release on both sides and your slide release is only on your right-handed thumb side so keep that in mind one of this statement one of this thing the biggest claims to fame are all of its safety options.

That’s one thing that a lot of beginners really like this gun. So you’ve got a grip safety so that has to be engaged and then your trigger safety. You’ve got that kind of things to go in the middle the trigger so it has to be your finger again. You’ve got to have both of those things engaged for the trigger to pull which is a really nice kind of a peace of mind thing the next safety option.

You’ve got this little-loaded chamber indicator so this will actually pop up when you’ve got around in the chamber. You can see if you’re loaded you can also run your finger over. If you’re in the dark and tell if you’re loaded and on the back. You’ve got a loaded chamber indicator. So you can see right there when that little metal pin pops out I can tell I’m loaded. I can see if I can also feel what I’m loaded.

If I’m not loaded I can see it. I can feel it another big thing is it comes with everything and it comes everything you need. So it comes with the gun it comes with I think two or three of these magazines. You get a magazine holster get a gun. You get your different back straps you get a nice big heart case. It’s just an awesome bang for your buck. I should mention magazine wise.

You are at 13 or rounds in this magazine and these magazines are very popular. So it’s very easy to buy more that’s another big thing that people like about the XD series. So it’s got some a little bit kind of aggressive stippling on the on the grip as well as the slide to make you know racking it and holding it just a little bit easier overall a fantastic gun very easy to maintain. It’s literally a lever.

You pull up and this the whole thing comes apart very easy to clean. This guy is six hundred and fifty dollars here at discount comes in Amal obviously. That’s going to vary wildly again by location. I’m all that kind of stuff but that gives you a good ballpark just you know a great bang for your buck, so that does it for our top three best 45 ACP handguns list.

If you want to know more 1911 45 ACP Handguns, you can watch the video below to reference:

What are you guys think like I said I’m sure: there are a million other options definitely them down in the comments below. Let me know what you guys think? I’ve still got these three options. I’d be really happy with all of 1911 is a great historical gun like I said the ppq one of the best triggers in the game and the Springfield XDM awesome bang for your buck so really great 45 ACP options thanks so much for tuning in if you guys liked this post. Please share it and like the post. Finally, leave us your comments on the description below.

If you have any questions on any of the guns shoot me an email over Tony at tonygmail.com. I’ll be happy to help out hit up discount guns and animals website and thanks so much for reading and we’ll see you on the next post check out these two other post if you haven’t read them yet.