Choose the Best Ukulele Brands

When you know how to select a ukulele, you need to consider best ukulele brands. The good news is you will have an opportunity to select the brand from the current market at any time. However, the bad news is that some brands are not excellent quality at all.

For this reason, I am here to help you to choose the right brand. I know that you do not want to take a cheap product with a poorly made instrument which will be impossible to play. It is a night mare to select an instrument that begins to fall apart in your hands after playing for a short month. Let’s see the brands right now!

Which are the best ukulele brands?

As mentioned earlier, there are many brands to choose from such as Kala, Mahalo, Magic Fluke, Pono, Lanikai, Martin, Kanilea. Various products make these as a top-notch quality product without a price tag.

In case you want to spend a little additional fee for a tremendous instrument, I still drop you covered as well

Some most well-made brands that you can consider

Kala Ukulele

Kala is always on the top quality in the list of the best ukulele brand these days. Unlike other companies, Kala often stays focused on their quality first and most of the time they produce the instrument.

For new starters, Kala gives the Waterman and the Makala line as well. The Waterman is looking like a traveling mans Uke which is designed to be endurable and water-resistant as well. And the Makala line is a tremendous sounding instrument for all beginners.

Additionally, Kala makes a unique instrument in the Solid body U-bass. All qualities of a bass incorporated with the size of a Ukulele for a special instrument with a fun ukulele.

In the Elite line, it is made with the top-notch quality standards and it is also shipped in a slick black alligator hard case. These instruments are tailored with conventional Hawaiian Koa and both these are beautiful with amazing sound as well.

In a nutshell, Kala is a reputable ukulele brand for design and quality as well. You will love this instrument brand so much. Do forget to check the price in advance.

Luna Ukulele

Luna is also an artistic musical instrument that you will surprise. All of these offerings have some high-quality design on the top to take them are perfect with great sound.

Luna is also the best choice for entry level and for those who are practicing on their track. These also provide fabulous sounding with special looking and affordable price at all.

Magic Fluke and Flea Ukulele

Magic Fluke Ukulele was launched in 1999 with the goal of making an incredible sounding, reasonable price and authentic product (it is made from the US).

Additionally, the first product was produced in 1999. This brand has some line products like the Flea which was made in 2003. Both designs have been common from the starting point.

Fluke and Flea had conventional and modern which take on the standard shape and construction at once. The shape is perfect while the construction has a little mater.

Both of them often use a great combination of a sturdy wood in the soundboard with a thermoplastic body as well. This makes a bright, full sounding Ukulele which is more endurable than a basic wood model. Of course, it has a super sound than a cheap plastic model.

Lanikai Ukulele

Lanikai Ukulele is a quite new brand that has a decent quality. They have all types of ukuleles for all players whether the player is a novice or a guru.

It sounds great, is it? If you are a new starter, you can access the LU series. In case you are an experienced player, the Legacy and the Makau series is the right target for you.

Please carry in mind that all Lanikai products do not contain a full selection of sizes for you to choose from.

It is said that Lanikai is a well-made brand with an innovate product on the current market. Absolutely, the innovation begins somewhere in the basic point while the Kula models have a 3 band EQ.

If you want to get a ukulele which is a bit cutting edge, then you could select the UkeSB series which has a USB output at the end point of the instrument. This allows you to record yourself easily while playing.

How about the TunaUke? It supports you to play an unlimited amount of customization with unique nuts and movable saddles as well.


As you know, there are bunches of Ukulele manufactures on the market these days. If you want to stick one of five brands mentioned above, you will own an excellent quality of the musical instrument.

In my opinion, Kala and Luna are perfect choices for your first ukulele because they have many options for the high-end models. Also, Lanikai and Fluke are incredible instruments in the middle level, and Martin is the average quality in the top musical instrument. What are you waiting for choosing your love brand?

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