Guide Buy Work Boots: DANNER CRAFTER #6

Hello Everybody! It’s James, Today we’re talking about the Danner Crafter Six, which is considered the best work boots for men 2017.

My overview of DANNER CRAFTER 6

So if this is your first time seeing the Danner crafter well sit back and get ready Danner has incorporated all of the latest technologies into building these comfort flexible bouncy boots into the crafters series and most important what they did is? They’ve sent along probably one of the most amazing insoles. I have seen in a long time in a boot like this.

Let’s start on the outside. Let’s talk about the outside of the boot before we move to the inside now on the outside they used a beautiful new buck leather. That is a waterproof leather and it’s a really good-looking leather. It’s the kind of leather. That’s gonna look better with some bumps some bruises and some scars on it and it does come with danner dries waterproofing technology.

So the boot might be a little warm. If you’re wearing it in the desert but for anywhere else this is gonna be a wonderful summertime boot danner cuts out the back. So you can actually squat and turn and Bend with this boot and it’s not gonna dig into your Achilles and they used a very low-key small little piece of polypropylene webbing back there for the pool on laces and eyelids wonderful stuff as you would expect from Danner.

I mean do you think Dan would ever use cheap laces are cheap eyelets. They didn’t on the crafter and it shows you get for speed laces at the top and eight beautiful passes through D-ring type eyelets. That is really nice do you overall building in the craftsmanship of the boot Danner. So you know that their quality control is really high. So each pair is gonna look beautiful the sole is a nice durable salt that isn’t extremely heavy for being as durable as it is and something else.


That’s really nice that Danner didn’t skimp on were most of the time boots like this direct-attached. You know minimalist type work boot. What they miss out on is a 90-degree heel Danner incorporated? That 90-degree heel in there and you know what? That’s damn nice. Because that means that this can become a climber. You can climb ladders. You can work forklifts.

You can grab stock you can sit on a machine all day long and get in and out without a problem so as I untied this boot you’re right. I’m gonna talk about the insides because that’s what impresses me the most about the crafter and what that is this insult? This danner comfort system insole is something else and the most amazing thing about it is these perforations in these lines on the bottom.

You see the circles that are in there you see how all these little lines are in there you see the flex lines that are there so Danner knows that the boots gonna Bend like this so the added flex lines Danner. Your foots gonna get hot and sweaty so they added perforation holes Danner also created airflow channels so as you bend and flex and step and you force air and movement and energy inside the boot.

It’s gonna force some air around inside there and it’s attempting to keep your foot cooler and drier Danner also reinforces the arch and heel section. Which is phenomenal in an insult today most of the time. It’s just a big piece of foam that they throw in something but Danner took it one step further and added this really nice harder material. So that this heel cup mixed with the heel cup. That’s in the boot all of this together creates a really nice secure fit and those d-rings really get this boot nice.

When it comes to sizing and fitting the crafter. Because Danner has really put a lot of time into this boot. It’s pretty many apples for apples from every other comfort type boot. That’s out there a size 10 is gonna be a size 10 in the crafter. It isn’t like the other older models where you have last numbers and whatnot. These comfortable work boots are pretty much dead on for today’s sizing scale and I said comfort.

The boot is comfortable, bouncy, flexible. It’s got a lot of good energy return on a 12 to 15 day. So that’s the dinner craft. If you’ve warned a crafter please comment below. It’s a really new product and guides are asking a lot of questions about it. So it would really help out if and some people below commenting and just telling guys whether or not. It’s worth the money whether or not.

If you want to know more Danner Crafter 6, you watch the video below to reference:

It’s worth the time that you put into wearing a blue bloody mess. If you want to know more about the crafter or the other models and the crafter series that danner has stopped by my website. I’ll have a nice posting up there about the other models from the banner that is part of this whole line of crafter type boots. Please don’t forget to hit my share button below. It really helps out and if you should have any questions about this thinner or any banner boot. Please shoot me an email pick my brain see what I got to say about your next purchase until the next time. I’m James – the boot guy thanks a lot for reading.

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