A Handy Guide: Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Your doctor says that you have the plantar fasciitis and you should find the right shoes to protect your feet (especially when you want to run or do exercise on a daily basis). But, what is the plantar fasciitis and which are good running shoes for plantar fasciitis?

What is the plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a negative condition caused by serious increases in each mileage, bad foot platform, and uncomfortable shoes. These probably overburden the plantar fascia, the combinative tissue which moves from your heel to the base of your toes. Hence, these make your heel feel pain.

Additionally, the plantar fascia looks like a series of rubber bands in the fat cells. However, this is a product of collagen which is a stiff protein and it is not really stretchable. The stress comes with overuse, overload, and break some tiny tears in its point. Heel pain and inflammation become the plantar fasciitis.

Recognize some causes of the plantar fasciitis

When you want to know the main reason for making the plantar fasciitis, you should find the certain caused point which is the cartilage foot. It will happen when you put more pressure on your calf muscles. Sometimes, you can so much cause the plantar fasciitis. Choosing the wrong shoes is also makes this condition.

Sometimes, another cause of the plantar fasciitis is the biomechanical flaws. For those who have flat feet, tight Achilles tendon, and high arches also have the plantar fasciitis. Some also have this annoyance because they get immoderate pronation, high increases in putting mileage, starting a speed-work level, wearing inappropriate running shoes, running on harsh surfaces as well.

Women love high heels probably have the plantar fasciitis.

Identify popular symptoms of the plantar fasciitis

All plantar fasciitis persons feel a strong stab or deep pain in the middle of their heel or along with the arch of their feet.

Another symptom of this is the morning hobble from their feet attempting to heal itself in an interchanged position overnight. Then, getting the first step makes sudden strain on the bottom of your feet, generating the heel pain and the arch ache.

Do not ignore this condition because the pain can reoccur after sitting within hours. After that, it can disappear when you are running as your feet areas are warmed again.

How to treat the plantar fasciitis

If you have plantar fasciitis, you will not want to forget the pain although it is not a comfortable feel. In case you have no idea about this state, you should know how to make the plantar fasciitis.

In fact, the plantar fascia links the arch between your feet and performs as a shock substance, pulling and narrowing to indemnify for any pressure level on your foot arch. Some suffers also get the pressure on their supportive ligaments, draw out, collapsing as well.

Whether they just go to a grocery shop or simply run will become a big nightmare for them. This condition is also a bad thing for those who love running, jogging or having a career in the sports industry.

If you were like them, do not worry about this because technology can help you and other suffers so much. You can use support sleeves or compression socks to put under your shoes. Also, you enable to purchase a pair of good running shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Benefits of selecting a pair of good running shoes for plantar fasciitis

With a pair of good running shoes, you will receive:

  •        Increase the arch support to protect your feet from harsh activity in each step;
  •        Absorb more shock condition to minimize some of the force of heel pressuring

How to choose the right running shoes

Before selecting the true running shoes for you, you should know what you want to do in your shoes, how you run on the surface, what type of grounds you will run, and your style about buying a pair of running shoes.

In case you want to run in many hours or long roads, you need to take the shoes with high- arch support, shock absorption, comfortable cushioning.  How about the number of shoes you will need to use? It surely depends on your requirements about the times you run. Do not miss out your budget as this is also an essential criterion to think of in advance.

Should you continue to run when you have plantar fasciitis?

Most experts’ recommend that suffers should not run when they have plantar fasciitis. And you should do so with consulting your doctor the exact treatment first. They also let you know that the time you can run with the right pair of shoes. If you do not follow them, you will have an operation. This is a serious point to pay attention.

Moreover, when you are running and feel uncomfortable like the plantar fasciitis condition, you should stop running immediately. Do not try to run more miles! Then, you need to relax in a short time. After that, you should go to the hospital and doctors will check this condition for you.


Manufacturers always make new shoes for those who have to suffer plantar fasciitis, so you do not worry about the number of shoes. Instead, you should consider something that influences on your choice and having a deep understanding of plantar fasciitis.

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