What’s up? We’re the QueridoBuenoAires, and this is the second half of a two-part series about how to book cheap flights. Part one is about the best booking sites. So if you haven’t seen that post, click on that little card up there.Read it, and then come back to read this one. Once you’re familiar with the best booking sites, keep the following tips in mind before you pull the trigger.

Number one; stay flexible with your dates. Shifting your dates of arrival or departures by a day or two can save you a lot of money and the more flexible you are, the more you save.Websites like Kayak or Momomndo make this super simple with tools that allow you to compare rates across the entire month.

Number two: travel when no one else wants to. Inconvenience saves money. Everyone wants to arrive a day or two before a major holiday, which makes traveling on those holidays or the day after much less expensive Nothing like celebrating Christmas at 30,000 feet And if you look out the left-hand side, you’ll see Santa Claus with all nine of his reindeer. Same thing goes with taking the earliest flight of the day, generally the cheapest, or the last one, known as the “redeye” for a reason.

Number three: switch up your destination. If you keep an open mind about where you’re going, you can save a lot of money. Some booking sites suggest where you can go for your budget and interest, while others have maps with airfares. For example, Paris is nice, but you can fly to Bogota or Copenhagen for a lot cheaper. Just keep in mind how much it costs once you get there.

Number four: mix and match flights. Sometimes if you’re flying long distances, it’s actually cheaper to book your connecting flights separately. For example, if you’re flying from New York to Paris, first book a flight across the Atlantic to maybe London, and then get a connecting flight on a budget airline. But, be warned when making separate bookings on different airlines.

If your first flight gets delayed and you miss your connecting flight on a different airline, you’re not going to get rebooked, and you may even have to buy a new ticket. No Bueno.

Number five: sign up for fare alerts. No one likes a crowded inbox, but websites like airfare watchdog send you notifications about discounted flights from your home airport, inspiring some seriously spontaneous adventures. Airlines also do this. So keep your ear to the ground by signing up for the mailing list or following them on social media. Number 6: know when to book.

Now rumor has it that booking on a Wednesday is the cheapest, but the jury is still definitely out on that one. What’s more certain is that booking six weeks ahead is probably going to be cheaper. However, if you know your dates for sure, book as early as possible, especially with budget airlines as their prices will go up as you get closer to the departure date. Another crucial tip is to put your browser into the incognito mode when searching for flights.

Booking sites often track when you come back to the same fare. and they’ll up the price because they know you want it. Lastly, you can redeem frequent flyers miles for flights But realistically, that’s a whole other subject. So stay tuned for a dedicated video on miles coming soon.

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