How to Maintain a Portable CD player accurately

Portable CD players are pretty great things which can go along with you to enjoy your loved songs.

However, these do not always mean that they are a good device because it also gives a perfect opportunity for your portable CD player to get dust and other debris.

Also, some elements may get old due to the period of time. Fortunately, you can clean and maintain your players easily if you know what to do.

Today, I am going to share with you how to clean and maintain a portable CD player even if you invest in the best portable CD players.

How to clean a portable CD player

Clean and knock

Start cleaning your portable CD player by drying the exterior casing of any dust and debris which is probably on it. After you have undertaken it, flip the player upside down and knock it slowly in order to remove all dirt which can have gotten in the device.

Vacuum your machine

In a long period of time, dirt enables to have in a portable CD player. The easiest ways to get rid of the dust and dirt out of the inside of these gadgets is to take a portable vacuum cleaner.

Nonetheless, you should not use a big machine which can soak in a bowling ball! In this case, you need to have a small tool with other tremendous items.

Be sure to check the machine which has a plastic brush or something like that because you enable to put the end point of the nozzle to protect the CD player.

Moreover, you should take off any battery, battery cover, and accessory to prevent the threat of damaging anything.

Use a compressed air

When you have done vacuuming the CD player, this is the time to use a small compressed air. You should pay attention to the process of using this tool because it can jam the air nozzle into the player and remove anything in the can as well.

The pressurized air in the can is cold and you can damage the delicate electronics if you are careless. Instead, you ought to use shots of air which are light, fast, and handled to support you clean the CD player.

When you are spraying the air, be sure that you are keeping the can between 6 and 10 inches so that you do not leave any film everything. At that time, you can get enough pressure to wipe off everything that you want to.

Dry the player and complete the process

After you have used a compressed air machine, you should wait for about 10 minutes to help the player balances again. It makes the CD player return the room temperature and prepares another cleaning which you have to do.

Before you recollect all elements in your CD player, you should spend the time to remove the exterior again and use an electronic cleaning wipe or a washcloth. These will clean off any remaining dust and debris.

How to maintain your portable CD player

With batteries

  • When the batteries empty its energy, never throw them into fire.
  • Avoid bring the batteries with coins or other metallic objects because it may have heat if the positive and negative points of the battery are contacted by a metallic object randomly.
  • Do not put new batteries and old ones in the same place.
  • Always use the right batteries for your portable CD player only as the wrong ones can get dangerous for the machine and get burned.
  • When you do not use your portable CD player for a long period of time, please keep in mind that you need to get all batteries out of the gadget.
  • If you see the leakage in the batteries, you should remove old batteries and wipe off any debris in the battery area and use new ones.

With the CD player

  • In all CD players, these always have lens on them. You should keep these clean on a regular basis. Additionally, you should not touch the lens because it will prevent the operating process to your player.
  • Do not place any big and heavy object on the top of the player.
  • Avoid put the player in a place near heat sources or sunlight area.
  • Do not take your player in other harsh conditions such as rain, mechanical shock, dust, sand, moisture, etc.
  • Even if you could not leave the CD player in a car with opened windows as the sunlight and other bad elements can damage the machine easily.

With other power sources

In case you do not use the CD player for a long time, you should disconnect all power sources and turn off the device. Then, you should put these in a safe storage which does not have any damaged objects.

With the headphones

  • Never use your headphones at high volume because it can demolish your eardrums for a long period of time.
  • If you see the plugs become dirty, then should clean them with a soft cloth and begin the cleaning process gently.
  • Switch the volume at a moderate level when walking, cycling or playing because it will help you to hear outside sounds and evade unexpected things.


Cleaning and maintaining your portable CD players are not daunting tasks at all. Everyone can do all these tips without making messy issues. Also, they enable to save lots of bucks on their budget for a while.

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