Meet the Hosts

Alastair left England in 2002 to realise the dream of a long trip through South America. On arriving in Argentina, he fell in love with Buenos Aires and decided to extend his trip for a few months which turned into years!

Mariana left Salvador, Brazil, in 2005, in order to do a 6 month course in Buenos Aires. In her first week in the city she met Alastair. For a number of years they dreamed together of creating a place where they could receive people from all over the world, and share their passion for Buenos Aires with them.

In 2007 they found the location where today Querido exists. Almost 2 years of building work was undertaken in order to give Querido its structure and form, designed to ensure its guests’ comfort. At last, in 2010, Alastair and Mariana, together with Catherine, Alastair’s sister and business partner, spent an entire summer making the final finishes; painting, decorating, gardening and furnishing Querido until its opening in April of that year.