Top Benefits and Downsides of Owning Best above Ground Pool

You want to invest in a swimming pool for your family pretty much. You find out that there are two main types of private pools that every household can set up which are the in-ground pool and above ground one. Most people prefer the above ground pool because they can save lots of bucks on their wallet. Thus, would you like understand more about above ground pool? Then, you should figure out the benefits and downsides to find out the best above ground pool in advance.

An overview of an above ground pool

Above ground pools are the best choices for everyone to make a swimming pool at home. You can establish the pool in the backyard in a short-term time and you can sometimes move it easily.

They are used in diverse weathers no matter the climate is cold or hot because you enable to use additional accessories. It is said that above ground pools are less expensive than in-ground pools and these are simple to maintain. It is not difficult to install these pools for the first time even if you are an amateur.

Kinds of above ground pools

In general, all above ground pools are made from various materials such as vinyl, metal, aluminum. Some brands also generate resin layer in the innermost wall because it supports the increase of the pool for a while. In addition, most people surprise that above ground pools often have a classic circle and rectangle design on the market.

Advantages of using above ground pools

  •    You can move the pool whenever you want to
  •    You enable to save much money than buying an in-ground pool
  •    You do not have to maintain the pool all the time
  •    You ought to also enjoy the pool in the cold season

Negative points when choosing ground pools

  •    These have a short lifespan (from 10 to 25 years)
  •    You do not have more design options to select shape, size, model, etc.
  •    These cannot boost the value of your home

About in-ground pools

In fact, most in-ground pools are installed underneath the ground with three certain categories. They are vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete. When the pool is put, these pools are endurable for a while.

It is said that in-ground pools are considered in the warm conditions by most homeowners. However, the above ground pool and the in-ground pool can use in the harsh climate freely.

In-ground pool could become a great piece of furniture to your home and build an incredible valuation for a household.

In-ground pool categories

Vinyl Pools

When you hear vinyl pool, you probably recognize it is an in-ground pool with a vinyl liner. The liner pulls out across the inner surface of the pool like general wallpaper.

Fortunately, the install cost for vinyl pools are hefty, but the maintenance is higher than other in-ground pools. The liners always need to change a few times during the pool’s lifespan. The shape of this category still stabilizes with circular shapes, custom designs, or the classic rectangular.

Concrete Pools

With concrete pools, you enable to customize the shape or size you want to. Furthermore, you ought to design other sides of the pools such as nook, curve, waterfall, etc. So, most concrete pools are made from scratch.

Fiberglass Pools

There is one attractive thing I like fiberglass pools so much: you can order the pool in a shop first and they will ship to your home for installation. These are made from a solid mold in advance.

When clients need to install, the team can begin their task such as dig the hole, make the plumbing, drops some pieces to the pool. They do not have to take the layer or build a structure first. The pool is also very sturdy and durable when using a long period of time as it is hard to break the fiberglass material.

A short comparison between an in-ground pool and an above ground pool

After knowing the good points and weak ones of above ground pools, you should have a general background about the in-ground pool. After that, you need to make a short comparison.

The time of usage

With an in-ground pool, you can use it at least a half-decade. However, it does not mean you ignore the maintenance task for your pool after inserting. For above ground pool, you cannot enjoy the pool more than 50 years even if you have a good maintenance process for it.

Maintenance story

In-ground pools

The type of pool can impact on the maintenance for the upcoming time. During the task, you enable to remove all debris and dirt in the pool by using the ideal tool. You also need to take some accessories to stay clean and balance the pool water with filters, pumps, etc.

Above ground pools

Luckily, the maintenance job of the above ground pools is easier than most in-ground pools because these pools are smaller and you do not have complex accessories. You need to prepare vacuum, and run the filter to clean the water only.


The truth is that when you have identified the benefits and the downsides of using above ground pool, you enable to choose the right one for your family as a piece of cake. Compare some factors with the in-ground pool can make you feel comfortable in this task.

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