Top 3 Best 1911 45 ACP Handguns In The World 2017

Hey, what’s up guys chat here with Tony and welcome to this new post. So today we’re talking about the top three Best 1911 .45 ACP handguns. Now obviously this is a very highly debated thing. So there’s going to be a million other options. I’m sure you guys have a bunch of other great options leaves them down in the comments below. So that everyone can just have a huge list of what to go with but the three that. I’m going to mention I think are really solid options so before we get into that I do want to that.

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I wanna mention before we start is. You’ll notice I’m rocking that haha snow camo GLS shirt on the navy blue shirt. So if you guys are interested in that please check out GLS gear comm or just click on the card that pops up. It’ll be in one of those corners now take your GLS gear comm check out all our shirts all these. We got some good stuff. Let’s dive in top 3 best 45 ACP handguns.

Kimber 1911

Obviously, we’re talking about the 45 ACP. We have to include 1911 so that’s where this guy comes in this is the Kimber stainless 2 obviously. There are a budget ever manufacturers but I’m a very big fan of the Kimber’s. If you guys aren’t familiar with 1911. WWE has a whole video on that check that out otherwise. Let’s get into this guy so very smooth shooting at Kimber’s are well known for making high quality just great shooting reliable guns this specific 1911 is a stainless – as I’ve said Kimber has a bunch of different options colors and everything.

So if you’re interested in those check those out the reasons that I like this gun. So much there’s a couple of them so first off. It’s single stack so fits in your hand real nice. It’s very comfortable to hold generally speaking your magazines are going hold it seven rounds. You can get kind of extended once to hold eight up to acting they even make ten round ones that all.

You know come out a little bit so the seven is kind of your standard one quick tip about 1911 Timbers particularly. I have a lot of people having issues with jamming and stuff like that in their Kimber’s. If you’re the kind of the breaking phase and stuff. I say throw in a Wilson combat mag into your Kimber and it should alleviate a lot of your jamming problems. That’s one thing that I’ve noticed and it’s helped me a bunch so anyway seven round mag another thing.

I like a lot is that you’ve got a good grip safety. You’ve got kind of a beaver tail dovetail. I don’t know the differences. I think one goes down one goes up. I don’t know anyways yeah this little tail here is going to guard your thumb against you know the slide biting it anything. So they’re also axes that grip safety that has to be engaged for the trigger to pull. You’ve also got a manual safety.

You’re cocked. You can throw up this manual safety and you know that triggers not going anywhere if you drop that down here is where 1911 really excels. In my opinion, this is why I love them? So I love target shooting bullseye shooting stuff like that and the crispness of this trigger is what sells me 1911 is every time so as you guys can see it. I can pull up that slack and then boom very clean crisp pull.

You can also tune that trigger and exactly how you like? So that’s my favorite thing about the triggers Kimber’s always have fantastic triggers out of the factory in there, but like I said you can’t tune them just a little bit. If you need these have target sights. So they’ve blacked out target sights which help me when I’m trying to like you know target shooting and stuff. But it’s not a big deal to you know to take these out and put whatever kind of sites.

You want to throw in them the last thing is it’s still framed right I mean it’s a heavy gun. You’re shooting a 45 ACP, which is got a decent amount of recoil so a heavy frame is kind of important especially. If you’re trying to do really accurate shots. So this heavy frame is going to take up a lot of that recoil and keep the shooting very comfortable and the recoil very manageable heavy gun love it awesome trigger good safety features just a comfortable gun.

It’s a gun that you can be proud of man this thing has massive history behind it. It’s something you can show off to your friends and just be proud of so Kimber nights and 11:00 and discount guns and ammo the stainless too is running for eight hundred ninety-nine dollars. I said they have a bunch of different options that Kimber makes so make sure to check those out. If you’re interested but yeah that’s the Kimber.

Walther PPQ 45

Let’s move on so sick and on our list is something. I’m very excited about the Walther PPQ has been around for a very long time but not in 45 until just recently. So this is the Walther PPQ 45. I believe it was released in October of 2015 so brand new this thing is awesome. If you’ve ever shot a ppq, you know just how well they fit your hand how incredible the trigger feels and it’s just it’s a fan favorite man.

This gun is awesome and they’ve never had a 45 until now so I’m really excited to include this in this list the kind of the base things about it. It’s polymer frame. It’s striker-fired, so it’s the same pole every single time. You’ve just got white dots in your sights and then you’ve got a rail here for accessories. You’ve also got exchangeable interchangeable backstraps for different size hands.

So you know that’s kind of all the normal things I guess I should talk about Safety’s real quick on this gun. There’s no kind of external safeties the only thing. You’re dealing with here is a trigger safety. There’s a kind of a safety that pops out of the Miller trigger that just ensures. It’s really a finger wrapping around that trigger and pulling it. It’s not something that kind of made its way like a holster or something them kind of bent.

It’s way into your trigger guard and pulls the trigger or anything. It’s a really gonna be your finger. So the user is a should be with all guns the user is the safety. So just don’t put your finger on the trigger. Unless you want to fire this thing and your gold, but so a little bit more about the gun. You’ve got the magazine release here on the side. That’s one of the differences with the m2 here rather than a trigger guard magazine release.

It does seem like it’s interchangeable for a lefty. So you’ve also got a slide lock. I should mention it that is ambidextrous. So your slide lock releases on both sides. Your magazine holds 12 rounds a 45 ACP.  That’s a pretty decent sized magazine for 45 and then it also comes with two of them. When you buy the gun so cool option there. The two biggest things that everyone wants to talk about with the ppq is a how comfortable.

They are first of all so they the ergonomics of this gun are incredible. They fit your hand so well they’ve got these awesome finger grooves in the front of the grip. You know the back straps. You can tailor to your hand. There’s just something about the balance of it and it’s incredible. If you’ve ever shot like an HK p30. It’s very similar feeling to that and said, man, it’s hard to say go out to your range and try one.

If they’ve got it these things feel great last but certainly not least is the trigger. So the trigger on these guns for being a striker fired the gun is just flat-out incredible. It’s so smooth. It’s so crisp and it’s man. It’s awesome so as I said before you’ve got that little safety there pull that safety through then you’ve got kind of some slack once. You hit that wall though it’s very crisp.

It’s awesome and then even better than that is your reset. So you can just you feel you know exactly where it is? You can hear it. You can feel it and one of my favorite things to do with the ppq is done like the control pair you know really like boom boom and then up to a failure shot these guns excel at that just that double tap shot awesome gun trigger great ergonomics.

Walter is an obviously a great name six hundred and fifty-nine and ninety-nine. They’ve got that listed for at discount guns and ammo makes sure to check that out as with all prices are going to vary wildly depending on where you are what time of year. You’re watching this whenever is going on but expect. It’s kind of a ballpark price for this thing so third up on the list.

Springfield XD m/45

We’re talking about the Springfield XD m/45. This particular one has a four and a half inch barrel kind of their standard a full size 45 ACP model. It’s got a good feel. It’s a polymer frame. So it’s a little bit you know on the light side 445. But it feels good mag in there and it kind of help to balance things out. You’ve got a rail under here for accessories become stuck with just kind of your white sights there the back straps are interchangeable.

They come with a difference with a couple different ones. If you want to get if you have different sized hands whatever? You can really tailor this gun to your needs the magazine release is ambidextrous. You’ve got a mag release on both sides and your slide release is only on your right-handed thumb side so keep that in mind one of this statement one of this thing the biggest claims to fame are all of its safety options.

That’s one thing that a lot of beginners really like this gun. So you’ve got a grip safety so that has to be engaged and then your trigger safety. You’ve got that kind of things to go in the middle the trigger so it has to be your finger again. You’ve got to have both of those things engaged for the trigger to pull which is a really nice kind of a peace of mind thing the next safety option.

You’ve got this little-loaded chamber indicator so this will actually pop up when you’ve got around in the chamber. You can see if you’re loaded you can also run your finger over. If you’re in the dark and tell if you’re loaded and on the back. You’ve got a loaded chamber indicator. So you can see right there when that little metal pin pops out I can tell I’m loaded. I can see if I can also feel what I’m loaded.

If I’m not loaded I can see it. I can feel it another big thing is it comes with everything and it comes everything you need. So it comes with the gun it comes with I think two or three of these magazines. You get a magazine holster get a gun. You get your different back straps you get a nice big heart case. It’s just an awesome bang for your buck. I should mention magazine wise.

You are at 13 or rounds in this magazine and these magazines are very popular. So it’s very easy to buy more that’s another big thing that people like about the XD series. So it’s got some a little bit kind of aggressive stippling on the on the grip as well as the slide to make you know racking it and holding it just a little bit easier overall a fantastic gun very easy to maintain. It’s literally a lever.

You pull up and this the whole thing comes apart very easy to clean. This guy is six hundred and fifty dollars here at discount comes in Amal obviously. That’s going to vary wildly again by location. I’m all that kind of stuff but that gives you a good ballpark just you know a great bang for your buck, so that does it for our top three best 45 ACP handguns list.

If you want to know more 1911 45 ACP Handguns, you can watch the video below to reference:

What are you guys think like I said I’m sure: there are a million other options definitely them down in the comments below. Let me know what you guys think? I’ve still got these three options. I’d be really happy with all of 1911 is a great historical gun like I said the ppq one of the best triggers in the game and the Springfield XDM awesome bang for your buck so really great 45 ACP options thanks so much for tuning in if you guys liked this post. Please share it and like the post. Finally, leave us your comments on the description below.

If you have any questions on any of the guns shoot me an email over Tony at I’ll be happy to help out hit up discount guns and animals website and thanks so much for reading and we’ll see you on the next post check out these two other post if you haven’t read them yet.

Guide Buy & Review: Best Vacuum Cleaner For Car

Hey, what’s going on? Guys welcome to Mike’s garage. So today I’m going to do a little review post of this rigid. This is the maximize your vac. There’s a little bit of glare on there maximizing your vac vacuum cleaner kit, which can be considered the best car vacuum for you. It’s like an auto detailing kit pretty cool seven pieces and it’s not like a nice hose in there.

Overview about Ridgid WD1450 14-Gallon 6-Horsepower Wet/Dry Vacuum

So that’s kind of what I wanted to upgrade. So I’ll kind of show you what’s in this? I just got that an at Home Depot and also I just picked up this little other auto detailing kit. It’s like some small little stuff. So you can like get into Vince and you may have seen like my little bumblebee project kind of like little hose adapter thing. I made quite a while ago with some microfiber towels.

I’ll tell you: I like to put a link above paragraph. So you guys can check that out kind of a weird thing I did. But it turned out pretty good and it worked out pretty well to not scratch up any and the interior pieces, but these have like some brushes on them too. So that’s pretty cool so anyways.

Let’s go over to the table and open this stuff up alright here. It is guys so this is the Maximizer vac auto detailing kit. We’re going to just open this up real quick Benchmade grip, Gillian rip. This open alright what have we got in here cool. So I’ve had one of these before and it broke. We’ll see if that happens again it. I mean it’s really nice because of it like has a handle on it.

But like right here this cracked. Because it’s not very flexible or anything like that. We’ll just kind of take the stuff off here. But I don’t really know who makes like a better one. If you know all the better made one. Please let me know but really I just bought this for this. This hose right here so kind of rip this off real quick cool and as you can see well it did have it on there said made in China.

That’s probably why I broke? But this is where it kind of like. It was bending and it’s snapped last time but hopefully, that doesn’t happen maybe that was just a dud one that. I had before here is a nice long extension to get down in between the seats is flexible. That’s pretty cool so you can get like down there in between the seats. It’s also rubberized. It’s got the nice little grip on it what else we got little brush.

This is a nice looking brush. I don’t know use it for a carpet or something like that one more. This one has like a little bit tougher of a grit. This one’s a softer so you could probably like use this on carpet or whatnot you know just to kind of like comb it up and get a junk out of there. That will probably work pretty well this looks like a little coupling adapter to go from two one O’s to another hose.

Pros of Ridgid WD1450 14-Gallon 6-Horsepower Wet/Dry Vacuum

This is the main reason I bought this thing so you can see this octopus of cord of hose right here that box away. This is the main reason so these are really nice. Because it looks like this can go on here and you have like the little connection. So this has an adapter here not quite sure why it needs that. Because this hose already has this little adapter thingy but that doesn’t really work that well.

So I don’t know what that’s for why do I need that? I don’t know. I’m not sure why I need that anyway? So this has the little NP so goes on there nice and easy and this twist. That’s really cool. So you get a little bit of rotation. But what I liked about this is? It’s going to be easier to like get in the car and this has like I don’t know? It’s more bhindi more flexible and it’s like a 10-foot hose.

So it should work out really well and then for this other little kit. This one was kind of cool just I thought it was pretty rad open. This one up suits see what’s all in here. So you have like a bunch a little stuff let me zoom in here a little bit all right. So you got like this is going to taper down to the smaller size. So you can put that on there that can do this. I know sometimes people like the blow out their cars too, which is not a bad not a bad idea either.

But it looks like these you can kind of dislike start building some little contraption boom boom still going check that out looks at that thing. I don’t know why? I needed that long but well I mean I guess. I could see it could be some use for it get all up in there and kind of twist it all sideways and whatnot pretty cool. But it’s not like these nice little brushes. So I should be able to use those on like air vents and whatnot like I said and then it has this like super skinny little guy.

So like you can get in those tight little crevices and vacuum some stuff up. So anyway, guys, I’m gonna go out to the car and use this stuff alright guys. So look how long this freaking the hose is? Now I’m in Shu look at that. That’s pretty freaking long. So I should be able to vacuum like my whole car without even moving the vacuum cleaners. That’s going to be really nice.

So let’s get down to its start vacuuming this thing out cuz as you guys can see look at how dirty that is? You got to love the wintertime gotta love it. I’m gonna clean this thing out and get it all nice and shiny alright guys. So sorry if it’s super loud in here but this is my favorite tool so far. It’s just like the coarse brush. But it works great on like carpet and whatnot you can see. I mean maybe you can see like these little crumbs right.

It gets in there and you’re able. I get them up out of the carpet which normally would take quite a while it just brushes them right up out of the carpet. So I mean: I get weird about doing this? I mean: I pretty much try to get everything out like. I mean: I try to get it like super clean to where you can’t see anything? I really like this one. I use this a little bit and that works really good on the Vince. So I’m liking that setup.

If you want to know more Ridgid WD1450 14-Gallon 6-Horsepower Wet/Dry Vacuum, you can watch the video below to reference:

That’s working pretty cool and overall. I’m bigging it so the vacuum is all the way over there all the way over here cleaning out the car. So it works out really good. So I would totally recommend that that little host kit. It works out awesome also this extended hose is really cool. Because it’s a lot thinner and I’m able to still like maneuver it through my car a lot easier so that works out really well.

But anyways guys hope you like a little review post. We’ll talk to you guys soon later and peace out go ahead grab a knife or like a machete why not right. Let’s just grab something big nice and sharp you know opening up the easy way rather.

Q&A: Who Makes The Best Work Boots For Men?

Hello, Everybody! Today I want to talk about it. Which is modern home study so a box just arrived via the post office with a Wynonna Minnesota return address on it that could only mean one thing you guys know what it is I need a moment here to soak in the craftsmanship and artistry. All right I’ve cut my breath we can continue on. So what you’re looking at here are the-the initial the initial production of my new logging boots and the reason why they don’t have soles on them is?

Who Makes The Best Work Boots?

Because Adam the maker of these fine boots puts them together and then we’ll do a test fit. So I’ll put these on tonight. He’s included a heel block that I can stand on and then we’ll communicate. What I like and what I don’t like? Make any alterations before he stitches them over. That’s a service you’re just not going to get from hardly anyone to be able to have a pre-fit like this is?

Just it makes all the difference in the world these are beautiful. So I had a lot of long conversation with Adam about these boots and exactly what I wanted? I want to discuss to you what makes these so special what makes them different than so many of the other ones starting with the pole loops. You’ll see this is really unique most boots are going to have a pull loop on the back.

I don’t like to pull up on the back and I never use it because it’s too small and I can’t get a gloved hand in it. This is so much better I’ve never had a pair of boots like this. But you can get fingers in there or gloved hands in there to pull them on Adam told me that the stitches inside of this leather a ballistic Cordura nylon that increases that strength that said you’ll never pull these loops out.

That’s a nice touch another thing that makes these boots really special is this inner liner if you look inside here. You see that this tan liner is made of a 100% elk hide and it’s one-piece Adam told me that he knew of four boot makers in the entire country that has the skill the ability to do a one-piece liner. There’s no stitching in the back if you look at your boots most boots are going to have to stitch clear in the back right there and that’s the first thing.

That will wear out on a lot of boots because your heel goes in and out and you’re taking 10,000 steps a day and you’re rubbing and rub on that ultimately it goes through the stitching and where is it out? There’s no exposed stitching on this entire boot. It’s all a one-piece hand fit liner all the way into the toe box and all al-Qaeda. I mean that’s beautiful and that’s absolutely custom and beautiful Adam told me that you can see right there between the cowhide and the and the elk leather.

He uses a neoprene cement that Bond’s those two together so you never have to worry about the two coming apart like those horrible Danner boots that have that gore-tex bootie that after you wear them for a while comes around and you go wiggling around inside the boots.

Some Things You Need to Know About The Best Work Boots

You’ll never have that problem here and that elk. It is so nice on the skin and so nice to have in content. You know being that’s in contact with your foot another thing that I talked a lot about is I wanted a boot that was tough. But athletic I didn’t want a big heavy clunky boot that I couldn’t be nimble in and jump around and really feel athletic. So one thing that he did for me and we do for anyone who wants to do boots is this? What is this heel counter? That’s a big stiff heavy cup that goes around here in cheap boots.

You’ll know you’ll start to a wall or around in them your heel will get all mushy. Because they use a real poor thin leather whites or westco’s or Nick’s will use an 8-ounce material around here and the Adam uses a 12-ounce material and what he did is he cut this down a little bit. So if you can see in there. I press this down right where my thumb goes that’s where that heel that’s where that heavy leather is and he runs mine down a little bit further.

So I get a little bit increased ankle movement. So I get at really a nimble and athletic boot and that’s a great feature. I’m really excited about that I can feel that as soon as I put it on just how good that felt Adam says that he makes takes everything that the best boot makers. How materials that they use it? He increases it by 50% and just it shows and everything that he does another thing.

I see he does is he uses brass nails in here brass will never corrode. That’s why they use it on ships in saltwater and that’s why ships bells are made out of brass. When you use steel nails and you have the moisture that the foot introduces. It’s going to rust and corrode. That’s going to rot the leather that’s good. It’s going to break down the boot whole these boots are made to wear for 15 20 25 years.

If they’re taken care of and with brass all brass hardware. You’re never gonna have to worry about that the shank material. I’ve specked out and I wanted a shank is right in here right over here under your arch that prevents you from if you step on a nail or something or a shovel prevents you from damaging your foot. I had a bad experience in a wildland fire with a pair of boots that had a steel shank in them that steel shank heated up
When we were mopping up my boots were just unwearable. I had to stand in buckets of water. So I expect out that he uses a heavy leather all leather. So there’s no steel in the boot for that to happen one thing differently. You’re going to get from Adams boots is since. He’s a small shop in a custom shop. He’s hand cutting all his own leather from his own hides. He’s not having someone else like the bigger boot shops.

Where they’re just going to cut out pattern after pattern and never put any consideration into the types of hides. You know hide animal hide his skin. It’s a living thing. Is different you know how? It reacts depends on how the animal was treated in the environment and a great many things. So he hand selects leathers that are most appropriate. You know he can he can choose grains and line things up.

Excuse me so that they are the best for that particular application instead of just a one-size-fits-all. These are beautiful you know the thing that was nice to deal with him is that asked me the right questions? You know and told me it asked you know what issues have? I had with boots and one thing that’s always bothered me is if you look. There’s a little bump on this boot is for some reason on my left foot my pinky toe just gets rubbed raw.

It’s always painful regardless of how good the boots have been and he bumped that out he made it just a little bit of extra space on there. So I don’t have whatever won’t have that problem in the future and you know that’s the type of detail you get four hundred and fifty dollars for a pair of boots like this is a deal. In my opinion, you’re going to pay that same amount for White’s or Nick’s or Wests. Because they are the most comfortable work boots at

If you want to learn more information about the best work boots for men, you can watch the video below to reference:

But you’re not going to get these features you’re not going to get a one piece outliner you’re not going to get hand selected hides. You’re not going to get this extra Custom Fit. You’re not going to ship your boots without the soles on them so you can be sure that they’re exactly how you want them? So you know for me and it’s a no-brainer. I can’t wait I just cannot wait to get the soles on these.

These are so pretty that I don’t even want to wear them out into the forest and I almost keep them for good but Adam told me I had to that that was not an option. That’s what they were designed for? So I thought I’d share that with you. So I’m going to call him. I’ll try these on tonight column.

We’ll go over the fit stand on the heel block make sure. I have everything right choose the sole. I want and man we’ll have one more post. I’ll show you when they come back in but aren’t they beautiful? They’re absolutely just beautiful Dallas are people rush. The gym is Jim Guthrie Megazord rush the rush Led Zeppelin wrote. I love this and see you again.

Review: AC556 Custom Kydex Holster

Hey guys coming at you with another holster review. Today, now Kydex holster review armed civilian 556 sent me a couple of holsters.

AC556 Custom Kydex Holster

I’ve been testing these out for the last little while one more so than the other just. Because that’s what I’ve been carrying and again. It’s armed civilian 556 that is his blog and I’ll put a link in above paragraph. I’ll probably put something around this area as well but this is just kind of a quick peek at the holster and you guys know I have become a big fan of the Kydex tough just love it.

These are really good looking holsters to before we go on too much further. Let’s go ahead and take a look at what it looks like underneath the shirt as these are specifically designed for concealment use. Right now I’m wearing the cap for the Glock 23 or 27 will actually work with both and I’ve got a strong side right here make it print just. So you can kind of see where we are but with this type of shirt.

You can see that it hides very well now this shirt is a little bit of a thicker cotton shirt and that’s what I find I have to use when I want to conceal an owl outside the waistband holster. But that’s what you’re looking at right there again this is the Glock 23 and one reason. I really like these holsters is? Because of the Kydex I there’s just something about kydex. I love it one you guys know I do a lot of backcountry type stuff.

So I don’t have to worry about it given you know the leather getting ruined out there due to the moisture in the elements. But more so I mean for them if you have to use your gun and you’ve got to reholster one of the best things about this is? It’s just so easy to put right back into the holster and your love them for range use these are really cool holsters again just give you a kind of a quick look of what it looks like underneath until is quite well.

I’m filming this it falls so the heavier. Clothing is starting to come out. You wear a hooded sweatshirt like this and this thing to just disappear in there again this is just kind of a  reference of what it looks like underneath? What really aids in the consumer one of this holster especially for a g23 is? The fact that it rides so close to the body this particular holster is designed to three o’clock position.

It’s got a knife nice curvature to it and we’ll take a closer look at that once. We sit down and I take this off but you can see how close that rides to the body. Here’s a bit closer look at the holsters the one on the left here that is made for the g20 three. Which will also fit the g-20 g 27 like I mentioned before this holster is designed for the XDS. I’ve just got the g27 that are holding it up for me but you can take a look at the beautiful carbon fiber print on that.

That’s actually an overlay on top of the Kydex and you can see if you’ve worn it. It will wear a little bit and I’m okay with that I kind of like that look. But it’s a really awesome look the carbon fiber is very nice and you can see that. I have used these quite a bit already but this is the men for the three o’clock position and you can see the curvature.

Pros and Cons AC556 Custom Kydex Holster

It’s a very comfortable rig and happy with it as well I love when I get my hands on a good holster just makes all the difference in the world when you’re carrying concealed and you can buy it at the website: I’ve used the Glock holster the most and I’ve used it heavily. I’ve used it daily and mice concealed carry I’ve used it on many different shooting trips and it’s held up great. There’s no cracking there’s been no problems with it show you the retention nice snap into place and that’s not going to go anywhere as I hit tripod and just for good measure.

Let’s go ahead and put some 27 in there as well. That’s not going anywhere either because I so recently returned from front sight one of the things. I noticed there on many of the what seemed to be new gun shooters are the holsters. They used instead of sitting up close to the body like this a lot of their holsters are just hanging. I mean to the point where if this is my side this is?

How they have pointed the weight of the gun just pulled them off and they were just about like this? You will not find that with these holsters, which take the gun and they bring it right up against your body they keep it straight up and down and very comfortable to use both these holsters are designed for outside the waistband carry again. The Glock holster is meant more for the three o’clock position.

Whereas the CX 2s? I believe is what it is called this is designed. You can use it for the three o’clock but you can also put it a little bit further back to the four thirty-five o’clock position. somewhere around there, however, you like it but this works very well and either of those positions so that has music into both and I’ve used this on several shooting trips as well the holster for the XDS is?

No different than the Glock holster in that it rides very close to the body and keeps the gun high and like I said close and it is great for concealment quick look at the back and the small differences between the two holsters. You can see this one has a little bit higher sweat guard than the other this one’s a little bit more minimal of course. It’s not as big as a gun that’s intended to conciliar.

But I’ve been happy with both of these again having used this one much more. But I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either one of these. Now armed civilian 556 has a large inventory of blue guns for those. That isn’t familiar with blue guns are just it’s a fake gun. That’s the exact mold and size of a real gun. How can he make so many moles? So he has probably eighty percent ninety percent of most of the common guns out there.

So if you’re looking for something specific he likely has it armed civilian 556 also mentioned that. He might be playing with some other ideas about holsters for inside the car those type of things. So I don’t know exactly how far? He’s got on those ideas or maybe he already has them in place? But something else that you might want to ask him and if you’re interested in some of that stuff that might be kind of interesting and fun to play with as well.

I think he does knife sheaths that’s something else you can contact him about and the best way to get ahold of him right now is to go to his blog page and guys. I wouldn’t be directing you there if I didn’t think he was up to the task of making good holsters and in my communications, with him, he seems like just a good. He will have a website up and go soon I think it’s in the process of getting done maybe at the beginning of November. So I will if I get a hold of that and it’s up.

If you want to learn about AC556 Custom Kydex Holster, you can watch the video below to reference:

Maybe I’ll come back and annotate this? So it can be you can be directed to that as well make sure to tell him that croc at twenty cents him and he has many choices of colors patterns. I think he’s got to turn around time about seven to 12 business days at least. That’s the last it was when he talked to me and they’re great holsters guys can’t say it enough go over there check it out give him a look. He’s got some posted up his holsters so you can kind of take a look and see if there’s something that interests you as always guys thanks for reading. It’s much appreciated the whole string and I just don’t like the way that starting off.


What’s up? We’re the QueridoBuenoAires, and this is the second half of a two-part series about how to book cheap flights. Part one is about the best booking sites. So if you haven’t seen that post, click on that little card up there.Read it, and then come back to read this one. Once you’re familiar with the best booking sites, keep the following tips in mind before you pull the trigger.

Number one; stay flexible with your dates. Shifting your dates of arrival or departures by a day or two can save you a lot of money and the more flexible you are, the more you save.Websites like Kayak or Momomndo make this super simple with tools that allow you to compare rates across the entire month.

Number two: travel when no one else wants to. Inconvenience saves money. Everyone wants to arrive a day or two before a major holiday, which makes traveling on those holidays or the day after much less expensive Nothing like celebrating Christmas at 30,000 feet And if you look out the left-hand side, you’ll see Santa Claus with all nine of his reindeer. Same thing goes with taking the earliest flight of the day, generally the cheapest, or the last one, known as the “redeye” for a reason.

Number three: switch up your destination. If you keep an open mind about where you’re going, you can save a lot of money. Some booking sites suggest where you can go for your budget and interest, while others have maps with airfares. For example, Paris is nice, but you can fly to Bogota or Copenhagen for a lot cheaper. Just keep in mind how much it costs once you get there.

Number four: mix and match flights. Sometimes if you’re flying long distances, it’s actually cheaper to book your connecting flights separately. For example, if you’re flying from New York to Paris, first book a flight across the Atlantic to maybe London, and then get a connecting flight on a budget airline. But, be warned when making separate bookings on different airlines.

If your first flight gets delayed and you miss your connecting flight on a different airline, you’re not going to get rebooked, and you may even have to buy a new ticket. No Bueno.

Number five: sign up for fare alerts. No one likes a crowded inbox, but websites like airfare watchdog send you notifications about discounted flights from your home airport, inspiring some seriously spontaneous adventures. Airlines also do this. So keep your ear to the ground by signing up for the mailing list or following them on social media. Number 6: know when to book.

Now rumor has it that booking on a Wednesday is the cheapest, but the jury is still definitely out on that one. What’s more certain is that booking six weeks ahead is probably going to be cheaper. However, if you know your dates for sure, book as early as possible, especially with budget airlines as their prices will go up as you get closer to the departure date. Another crucial tip is to put your browser into the incognito mode when searching for flights.

Booking sites often track when you come back to the same fare. and they’ll up the price because they know you want it. Lastly, you can redeem frequent flyers miles for flights But realistically, that’s a whole other subject. So stay tuned for a dedicated video on miles coming soon.

If you guys found this video helpful, make sure you give it a thumbs-up, share it with your travel buddies, and subscribe to our blog  for more travel tips and vlog adventures coming at you guys every week. If you want more travel tips, check out the articles right here, the whole series; lots of advice. If you want to see some of our recent adventures, click over here. In the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace.


What’s up, guys? We’re Alex and Marko, the QueridoBuenoAires and this is the first post in a two-part series about how to book cheap flights. In part two, we’re sharing specific hacks. But in this first post, we’re going to show you some booking sites, which compare flights from dozens of different airlines all around the world.

When it comes to booking airfares, there are plenty of start-ups that will help you find the best flight. But, there’s a lot, and sometimes it can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So these are our favorite booking sites: each one has different tools, which will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

So get ready to bookmark the following pages: Bookmarking! Start your search with, which taps into hundreds of sources to help you find the cheapest flight. Its simple design helps you compare or adjust dates and destinations. So if you’re flexible, you can save a lot of money.

Their explore function is a blessing for free spirits. You just put in your budget and browse the world map to see how much bang you can get for your buck. You’ll be surprised by the results. You’ll be surprised about how good you feel at Men’s Warehouse. You’ll look good. I guarantee it. You’ll be surprised by the results.

Number 2: Google Flights. It’s Google, so it is fast. But the results are not always the cheapest. Its speed does make it really useful in the beginning when you’re changing dates and destinations. It’s great for comparison: a second opinion.

It also has an explorer map, which is Google maps overlaid with airfare, but our favorite feature is Discover Destinations, which allows you to choose your interest and budget and find out where you can go on that budget. For now, Google flights is a great research tool, not necessarily one for booking, but in the future with Google as the boss, I’m sure it’s going to improve.

Number 3: Momondo is a solid site both well designed and functional. It presents your options with a bar graph that shows fares across time, as well as three options for sorting the results: the cheapest; the quickest; and the best overall. It also has the new Trip Finder function, which allows you to put in what you’re looking for and your budget. For example, nightlife in South America for 1000 bucks.You can then click further filters to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Hola, chica. Que tal? Vamos! Alex singing in Spanish Number 4: SkyScanner. Whenever we travel in Europe, our go-to search engine is Skyscanner because it pulls together budget fares, like Ryan Air and Easy Jet that a lot of other sites don’t include. Skyscanner also has an explore feature, which allows you to browse cheap flights from your point of departure. Unfortunately, it’s not in a map form anymore: it’s only as a list, and I personally find this a little bit less useful.

One downside of Skyscanner it that it’s really strong in Europe, but not so much in other destinations, although it is expanding into North America and Asia. Another crucial tip is to put your browser into Incognito Mode when searching for flights. Bookings sites often track when you come back to the same fare, and they’ll up the price because they know you want it. It’s shady, but you can beat the system with a single click.

Number 6; HipMunk Apart from having a “totes adorbs” [totally adorable] chipmunk for a mascot, it sorts your search results into sending order of agony which is calculated from price, trip times, and layovers. It then lays out results by departure and arrival time, which can be really helpful if you’re not too flexible on time. But, the filters don’t work as well as on other sites, so in sum, it’s better for people who prioritize saving time over saving money. Last up, we have Airfare Watch Dog.

This one is a lot different than the rest because it has actual people,,,, living humans, searching for cheap flights, not just algorithms To make the most of it, you’ve really got to sign up for their email notification so that when one of these real humans actually finds a cheap flight, they’ll send you a notification giving you a chance to pounce on that discount before anyone else does.

That means it’s not great if you have to buy something specific right away. But it’s perfect for coupon clippers who are willing to plan their entire trip around a discount. Remember, guys. It’s always a good idea to double check between multiple websites, and keep an eye out for hidden fees and baggage charges before you make that purchase. If you have any tips od your own, make sure you put them in the comment box.

If you enjoyed the articles, give it a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to our blog if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to check out part two of this post, which has specific hacks on getting cheap flights. Click that here to see it, or click the post over there to see some of our most recents adventures. In the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Or maybe an airplane. Goodbye!

Some Tips On How To Survive A Long Flight For You

Hello there, travelers. I’m Quaro. I’m Peter. And we are the Querido. And in this post, we are going to share some tips on how to survive a long flight.

These days there are direct flights halfway around the world, which is great, but it means flights are longer than ever. So we’re going to share with you 10 tips on how to survive a flight, and maybe even enjoy it.

Number 1: Rest before you go. One of the simplest ways to improve your travel experience is to make sure you’re well rested before you take off. Even better, the night before you fly adjust your watch to local time at your destination to help your body get adjusted.

Number 2: Upgrade your seat. Now most of us can’t afford business class, but a lot of airlines offer premium economy, which you can upgrade to using cash or frequent flyer miles. But it never hurts to go to the gate agent with a smile & ask if there are any extra seats in the emergency row. Thank you. Enjoy your flight. Bye.

Number 3: Once you’re on board, get comfortable. Take anything out of your backpack that you might need, like headphones, water bottle, or a book, and then store your bag in the overhead compartment, not down below. Trust me, you’re going to want the extra leg room. To get extra comfy, take your shoes off because cabin pressure affects your circulation.

Number 4: Dress right. Airplanes get really cold, and a lot of them don’t even give you a blanket. They left me with no blanket! So you need to dress warm and wear layers. Jacket, scarves and wool socks are a great call, but leave your skinny jeans at home unless you want a ten-hour wedgie. Ten-hour wedgie? No thank you!

Number 5: Pack good gear. Little things can make a big difference. If you plan to sleep, eye shades, neck pillow, and ear plugs are crucial and easy to pack. Noise canceling headphones are great, as are Kindles and tablets. Just make sure you charge everything and download any videos, podcasts, or ebooks you want before you fly.

Number 6: Pass the time. Nowadays, most airlines offer free entertainment, be it movies, music, or TV. But sometimes you’ve got to pay. Now on a long flight that might be worth it, but you can always use the time for some distraction-free reading. Maybe get a little bit of work done? Or you could always read that weird little magazine they put in the seat back pocket.

Number 7: Eat and drink right. Long flights usually have food included. So choose carb-rich foods if possible. They’re high in insulin and will help you adjust to jet lag. Stay hydrated by bringing your own water bottle. You can get the flight attendants to fill this up in the galley. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, if possible, but if you do imbibe, you can use these kits to turn a good drink into a craft cocktail. Winning.

Number 8: Befriend the flight crew. Flight attendants have a tough job dealing with hundreds of people, and they usually just get bitched at. So a little bit of kindness can go a long way. You can chat them up when you’re waiting for the bathroom and remember to always say please and thank you because chances are they may have a spare meal or a glass of wine that they’ll give you if you are nice. And if all else fails, you can always bribe them with chocolate.

Number 9: Move around. Flying is not natural. It impedes your circulation, which can lead to deep vein thrombosis. It doesn’t sound fun. Avoid this by taking a lap around the airplane or doing some simple exercises.

Number 10: Arrive fresh. Wash your face, brush your teeth, maybe even change your shirt. Little things can go long way to helping you hit the ground running. Well, those are our tips. What are yours? Make sure you share them in the comment box. If you’ve enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and follow to QueridoBuenoAires for new travel post every Tuesday.

If you want more information, there’s a blog post on our website, Otherwise, plug here for more travel tips. Click here to see some of our recent adventures, and in the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace.

25 Things Your Hotel Staff You Should Know

Today will tell you 25 Things Your Hotel Staff You Should Know.

Number twenty-five independently owned hotels are far more likely to give you a discount some chains balk at dropping the rate.

Number twenty-four supposedly eco-friendly programs such as opting out of having your room cleaned everyday can sometimes be an excuse to not pay the housekeeper or at least to get them to work less.

Number twenty-three housekeepers have the most dangerous job in the hotel with everything from constantly moving mattresses and furniture it’s always being exposed to trash leftovers and other sometimes nauseating messes.

Number twenty-two leaving a tip for housekeeping is usually appreciated but is largely gone out of style.

Number twenty-one if you do leave a tip then put it under the pillow and leave a note with it.

So it’s clear who it’s for number twenty hotels can pay a commission of up to 30 percent for online booking sites to keep that price in mind. When you’re negotiating and you might reach a deal faster.

Number nineteen the 1-800 reservations number will probably send you to a central office with set rates if you call the hotel directly instead you can negotiate.

Number eighteen when it comes to negotiation, however, be careful because of the hotel overbooks then guess who loses their room first that’s right the cheap customers.

Number seventeen also by booking directly with a hotel you’ll lose the leverage that a reputable middleman can give you if something is unsatisfactory.

Number sixteen for only $10 per hour your front desk clerk runs errands plunges toilets ties bow ties delivers towels handles dead bodies yes it happens and makes breakfast.

Number fifteen if you travel to the same location frequently use the same hotel and don’t act like a jerk you might notice some free upgrades coming your way.

Number fourteen more things are negotiable than you would think if your hotel offers a hot breakfast buffet as well as a free continental breakfast ask if you can get the hot breakfast with your room you might be surprised.

Number thirteen sometimes bosses make employees lie what else is new like when the elevator is broken and the clerk will tell you someone’s coming to fix it even though it won’t be a week because the hotel doesn’t want to pay the weekend repair rate.

Number twelve some concierge does get kickbacks for sending you to pricey tourist traps an unbiased recommendation ask the clerk.

Number eleven if you request a king bed there’s no guarantee no matter how confident the reservation agent sounds call the hotel to make the shirt and then call again the day before you leave.

Number ten don’t ask for an upgrade when other guests are within earshot one or more spacious room without paying more request a corner room.

Number nine one of the easiest ways to increase your chances of getting upgraded is to arrive early in the day when rooms are being prepped and inventoried.

Number eight although many times the freebies like water bottles and Wi-Fi come with a fee you may be able to get them for free simply by asking in advance.

Number seven you probably already know this but you’re paying for location if you really don’t have to be on Main Street get something that’s still close but not 100 dollars more expensive.

Number six you also pay for the name like we said earlier independent hotels can have numerous advantages of their own besides the majority of top-rated hotels and major destinations are not branded.

Number five even if the menu doesn’t have a children’s section you can almost always get a discount at kid’s menu if you just ask.

Number four one more thing about tips most hotels have a rotating staff so every day you have a new housekeeper. So yes that means you should tip daily five dollars for three-star hotels ten dollars for four stars and 20 for five.

Number three remember that more stars don’t necessarily equate the better service the stars only indicate a difference in amenities such as room size or the number of outlets.

Number two this means that a five-star hotel can have one-star service and number one the best way to get a comprehensive idea of where you’ll be spending the night is to read customer reviews as they generally are the most accurate.

If you like this post, you can share this post for your family. Goodbye, See you again in the next tips, trick.