Spearfishing – Should We Enjoy It?

Spearfishing is the new term for modern fishermen because of the latest technology trend. The fact is that spearfishing is a traditional way of catching fishes of our ancestors. The device developed from a hand kept spear to the best speargun.

Top benefits of spearfishing

Improve your self-control

This is one of the most important factors you will have when going spearfishing. Imagine that you meet some Mackerel.

You will be amazed or worried because you have no idea what should you do next. At that time, you should stay calm and think of what you need to do. When calming down, you will determine to catch these fishes or not.

When you are able to control your emotion, you may recognize possible dangers and other unexpected things. Then, you can think of a solution or something like that.

Well, this is a popular scenario for those who have the first spearfishing time.

Enhance body language

Body language plays a key role in human’s communication. It is also true in the spearfishing because you cannot frequently talk under the water.

However, divers also might interact together through their body language. Thanks to this, they enable to make their own signals in every situation they have to deal with.

Relax…relax and relax!

It would be great to enjoy the spearfishing at weekends with your family and friends. The point here is finding the right spots to relish.

Please keep in mind some locals do not require spearfishing due to the protection laws. Some areas can be hunted but these probably have many dangers that you should not. Some are suitable!

Ask experienced persons or other people who know more about spearfishing and the popular places.

Attempt friendly fishing

Spearfishing does not require more equipment and gears which could be detrimental to the marine environment.

Additionally, it is safer than you use a huge net or dynamite to catch fishes. You enable to control the number of fishes you will fish.

In some states, you are allowed to catch more or less than 10 fishes, for example. This will help in to protect the ecosystem and their home condition.

Hunt more fresh fishes

Of course, you will get fresh fishes with the spearfishing category. You will also know fishes are coming from. Apart from fresh fishes, you enable to get more kinds of seafood like scallops and lobsters.

I am sure that you are not happy with frozen plates of seafood! It is so incredible when you enjoy the seafood in your boat directly (I mean you will eat after completing the hunting time).

Do more exercises

Why? Fishing does not require you have to move all the time. You just put the bait and your fishing rod into the water surface and keep sitting to wait. I cannot sit long hours to wait for non-sense things!

Fishes are not nice to come into your trap! You will get nothing at the end of the fishing day. Instead, the spearfishing needs to stay away from your chair and dive underwater to find some “big monsters”. By doing this, you have to swim and dive. This is a great form of doing exercise!

Some techniques to spear more fishes

It sounds simple that you just use a tool like a spear gun and catch your targets! However, your targets are not nice enough to wait for you for doing that. They will run and escape instantly when they see humans. So, you need to apply some techniques to get your best overcomes.

Go with the shallow water

For the first time of go spearfishing, never try deep water surface. Do you know why? Your body needs to take time to adopt a new activity like spearfishing.

Basically, there are many ways to perform shallow water spearfishing. It could be as simple as standing onshore and catching fishes with a sharpened stick. You enable to keep standing in the water, rocks, or even use a kayak.

Furthermore, different categories of fishing can show different behaviors that you should spend the time to realize over time. This is also the safest way to evade the risks of underwater diving.

Go with deep diving

Free-diving is another method of spearfishing which needs a breathing apparatus. To gain this technique, you should try to breathe deeply and modify your back as you are swimming in a pool.

Then, you enter the water head with your fins in the air to push your body towards the bottom. Thereafter, you gently slide through the water to know the ocean life and locate your targets.

Do not forget to bring a dive mask and a snorkel to use flexible situations. Wear a weight belt along with your wetsuit.

Avoid kicking your legs for momentum until you flooded into the water. Just make a slight movement to wake your prey up. Camouflage yourself from your prey when it is vital.

Bottom line

Spearfishing is a worthy outdoor that you should try at least one time in your life. You will like you are a hunter and a fisherman at the same time in this activity. Make sure you get the right skills, techniques, and tools to start.

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