Top 3 Best 1911 45 ACP Handguns In The World 2017

Hey, what’s up guys chat here with Tony and welcome to this new post. So today we’re talking about the top three Best 1911 .45 ACP handguns. Now obviously this is a very highly debated thing. So there’s going to be a million other options. I’m sure you guys have a bunch of other great options leaves them down in the comments below. So that everyone can just have a huge list of what to go with but the three that. I’m going to mention I think are really solid options so before we get into that I do want to that.

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Kimber 1911

Obviously, we’re talking about the 45 ACP. We have to include 1911 so that’s where this guy comes in this is the Kimber stainless 2 obviously. There are a budget ever manufacturers but I’m a very big fan of the Kimber’s. If you guys aren’t familiar with 1911. WWE has a whole video on that check that out otherwise. Let’s get into this guy so very smooth shooting at Kimber’s are well known for making high quality just great shooting reliable guns this specific 1911 is a stainless – as I’ve said Kimber has a bunch of different options colors and everything.

So if you’re interested in those check those out the reasons that I like this gun. So much there’s a couple of them so first off. It’s single stack so fits in your hand real nice. It’s very comfortable to hold generally speaking your magazines are going hold it seven rounds. You can get kind of extended once to hold eight up to acting they even make ten round ones that all.

You know come out a little bit so the seven is kind of your standard one quick tip about 1911 Timbers particularly. I have a lot of people having issues with jamming and stuff like that in their Kimber’s. If you’re the kind of the breaking phase and stuff. I say throw in a Wilson combat mag into your Kimber and it should alleviate a lot of your jamming problems. That’s one thing that I’ve noticed and it’s helped me a bunch so anyway seven round mag another thing.

I like a lot is that you’ve got a good grip safety. You’ve got kind of a beaver tail dovetail. I don’t know the differences. I think one goes down one goes up. I don’t know anyways yeah this little tail here is going to guard your thumb against you know the slide biting it anything. So they’re also axes that grip safety that has to be engaged for the trigger to pull. You’ve also got a manual safety.

You’re cocked. You can throw up this manual safety and you know that triggers not going anywhere if you drop that down here is where 1911 really excels. In my opinion, this is why I love them? So I love target shooting bullseye shooting stuff like that and the crispness of this trigger is what sells me 1911 is every time so as you guys can see it. I can pull up that slack and then boom very clean crisp pull.

You can also tune that trigger and exactly how you like? So that’s my favorite thing about the triggers Kimber’s always have fantastic triggers out of the factory in there, but like I said you can’t tune them just a little bit. If you need these have target sights. So they’ve blacked out target sights which help me when I’m trying to like you know target shooting and stuff. But it’s not a big deal to you know to take these out and put whatever kind of sites.

You want to throw in them the last thing is it’s still framed right I mean it’s a heavy gun. You’re shooting a 45 ACP, which is got a decent amount of recoil so a heavy frame is kind of important especially. If you’re trying to do really accurate shots. So this heavy frame is going to take up a lot of that recoil and keep the shooting very comfortable and the recoil very manageable heavy gun love it awesome trigger good safety features just a comfortable gun.

It’s a gun that you can be proud of man this thing has massive history behind it. It’s something you can show off to your friends and just be proud of so Kimber nights and 11:00 and discount guns and ammo the stainless too is running for eight hundred ninety-nine dollars. I said they have a bunch of different options that Kimber makes so make sure to check those out. If you’re interested but yeah that’s the Kimber.

Walther PPQ 45

Let’s move on so sick and on our list is something. I’m very excited about the Walther PPQ has been around for a very long time but not in 45 until just recently. So this is the Walther PPQ 45. I believe it was released in October of 2015 so brand new this thing is awesome. If you’ve ever shot a ppq, you know just how well they fit your hand how incredible the trigger feels and it’s just it’s a fan favorite man.

This gun is awesome and they’ve never had a 45 until now so I’m really excited to include this in this list the kind of the base things about it. It’s polymer frame. It’s striker-fired, so it’s the same pole every single time. You’ve just got white dots in your sights and then you’ve got a rail here for accessories. You’ve also got exchangeable interchangeable backstraps for different size hands.

So you know that’s kind of all the normal things I guess I should talk about Safety’s real quick on this gun. There’s no kind of external safeties the only thing. You’re dealing with here is a trigger safety. There’s a kind of a safety that pops out of the Miller trigger that just ensures. It’s really a finger wrapping around that trigger and pulling it. It’s not something that kind of made its way like a holster or something them kind of bent.

It’s way into your trigger guard and pulls the trigger or anything. It’s a really gonna be your finger. So the user is a should be with all guns the user is the safety. So just don’t put your finger on the trigger. Unless you want to fire this thing and your gold, but so a little bit more about the gun. You’ve got the magazine release here on the side. That’s one of the differences with the m2 here rather than a trigger guard magazine release.

It does seem like it’s interchangeable for a lefty. So you’ve also got a slide lock. I should mention it that is ambidextrous. So your slide lock releases on both sides. Your magazine holds 12 rounds a 45 ACP.  That’s a pretty decent sized magazine for 45 and then it also comes with two of them. When you buy the gun so cool option there. The two biggest things that everyone wants to talk about with the ppq is a how comfortable.

They are first of all so they the ergonomics of this gun are incredible. They fit your hand so well they’ve got these awesome finger grooves in the front of the grip. You know the back straps. You can tailor to your hand. There’s just something about the balance of it and it’s incredible. If you’ve ever shot like an HK p30. It’s very similar feeling to that and said, man, it’s hard to say go out to your range and try one.

If they’ve got it these things feel great last but certainly not least is the trigger. So the trigger on these guns for being a striker fired the gun is just flat-out incredible. It’s so smooth. It’s so crisp and it’s man. It’s awesome so as I said before you’ve got that little safety there pull that safety through then you’ve got kind of some slack once. You hit that wall though it’s very crisp.

It’s awesome and then even better than that is your reset. So you can just you feel you know exactly where it is? You can hear it. You can feel it and one of my favorite things to do with the ppq is done like the control pair you know really like boom boom and then up to a failure shot these guns excel at that just that double tap shot awesome gun trigger great ergonomics.

Walter is an obviously a great name six hundred and fifty-nine and ninety-nine. They’ve got that listed for at discount guns and ammo makes sure to check that out as with all prices are going to vary wildly depending on where you are what time of year. You’re watching this whenever is going on but expect. It’s kind of a ballpark price for this thing so third up on the list.

Springfield XD m/45

We’re talking about the Springfield XD m/45. This particular one has a four and a half inch barrel kind of their standard a full size 45 ACP model. It’s got a good feel. It’s a polymer frame. So it’s a little bit you know on the light side 445. But it feels good mag in there and it kind of help to balance things out. You’ve got a rail under here for accessories become stuck with just kind of your white sights there the back straps are interchangeable.

They come with a difference with a couple different ones. If you want to get if you have different sized hands whatever? You can really tailor this gun to your needs the magazine release is ambidextrous. You’ve got a mag release on both sides and your slide release is only on your right-handed thumb side so keep that in mind one of this statement one of this thing the biggest claims to fame are all of its safety options.

That’s one thing that a lot of beginners really like this gun. So you’ve got a grip safety so that has to be engaged and then your trigger safety. You’ve got that kind of things to go in the middle the trigger so it has to be your finger again. You’ve got to have both of those things engaged for the trigger to pull which is a really nice kind of a peace of mind thing the next safety option.

You’ve got this little-loaded chamber indicator so this will actually pop up when you’ve got around in the chamber. You can see if you’re loaded you can also run your finger over. If you’re in the dark and tell if you’re loaded and on the back. You’ve got a loaded chamber indicator. So you can see right there when that little metal pin pops out I can tell I’m loaded. I can see if I can also feel what I’m loaded.

If I’m not loaded I can see it. I can feel it another big thing is it comes with everything and it comes everything you need. So it comes with the gun it comes with I think two or three of these magazines. You get a magazine holster get a gun. You get your different back straps you get a nice big heart case. It’s just an awesome bang for your buck. I should mention magazine wise.

You are at 13 or rounds in this magazine and these magazines are very popular. So it’s very easy to buy more that’s another big thing that people like about the XD series. So it’s got some a little bit kind of aggressive stippling on the on the grip as well as the slide to make you know racking it and holding it just a little bit easier overall a fantastic gun very easy to maintain. It’s literally a lever.

You pull up and this the whole thing comes apart very easy to clean. This guy is six hundred and fifty dollars here at discount comes in Amal obviously. That’s going to vary wildly again by location. I’m all that kind of stuff but that gives you a good ballpark just you know a great bang for your buck, so that does it for our top three best 45 ACP handguns list.

If you want to know more 1911 45 ACP Handguns, you can watch the video below to reference:

What are you guys think like I said I’m sure: there are a million other options definitely them down in the comments below. Let me know what you guys think? I’ve still got these three options. I’d be really happy with all of 1911 is a great historical gun like I said the ppq one of the best triggers in the game and the Springfield XDM awesome bang for your buck so really great 45 ACP options thanks so much for tuning in if you guys liked this post. Please share it and like the post. Finally, leave us your comments on the description below.

If you have any questions on any of the guns shoot me an email over Tony at I’ll be happy to help out hit up discount guns and animals website and thanks so much for reading and we’ll see you on the next post check out these two other post if you haven’t read them yet.

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